Safety Alerts: 'Roofies' and Laptop Computer Theft

Penn Public Safety has circulated two alerts this week.

One warns people to watch their drinks carefully in public places because of reports that a powerful drug called Rohypnol, ten times the strength of Valium, is being used by rapists to trap their victims. Mixed with champagne, the "date rape drug" was implicated in the death of singer Kurt Cobain. "Roofies" are also known as "the drop pills" because of their quickness to dissolve. Rohypnol is already illegal, and the D.E.A. is considering changing the penalty for possession to the same stiff penalty as possession of heroin, Public Safety advises. The bottom line: "Don't take your eyes off your drink."

The other advisory warns that the "hot new target for thieves" is the laptop computer.

Roughly one out of every 14 laptop computers sold in the U. S. was reported stolen last year (up about a 30% over 1994), according to one insurer. And the Federal Aviation Administration has issued advisories about ways thieves trick passengers as they place their computers on the conveyor belt at the metal detector. Public safety urges travelers to:


Volume 42 Number 33
May 21/28, 1996

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