A New Chair at Wharton Honors the Asian Tie

Through a gift of $1.6 million, the Wharton School has established the Liem Sioe Liong/First Pacific Company Professorship, "symbolic not only of the growing internationalization of the Wharton School, but also the global nature of today's successful businesses," said Dean Thomas P. Gerrity.

The chair was given by Anthony Salim, president and CEO of the Salim Group, one of the largest Indonesian conglomerates, and its associated Hong Kong based First Pacific Company, whose managing director, Manuel V. Pangilnan, took his MBA at Wharton in 1968.

It is named for Mr. Salim's father, Liem Sioe Liongwhom the Dean called "a legend in Southeast Asia," and for the First Pacific Company, a $5.2 billion conglomerate involved in marketing and distribution, telecommunications, integrated property services, and banking, primarily in Asia. The Salim Group is one of the largest business groups in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, employing over 200,000 in eleven divisions which include agribusiness, chemicals, financial services and other enterprises. The Salim family is a significant shareholder in First Pacific Company as well.

The establishment of the new professorship is "one of several initiatives linking Wharton to the Asian business community," the Dean said. The School has offices in Tokyo, Bangkok, Seoul and Taipei, and runs executive education programs throughout Asia. There is now an active Asian Advisory Board comprised of 30 business leaders from ten Asian countries.


Volume 42 Number 31
May 7, 1996

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