On the Cover

The Council of Undergraduate Deans has signed off on this year's book for the Penn Reading Project, and paperbacks will go out soon to the incoming freshmen of the Class of 2000. As outlined by Dr. Robert F. Lucid:

Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast is a narrative about artists and travelers in Paris in the 1920s, particularly Americans, by one of the most famous of them. Recollected some quarter century after the time, Hemingway's scene invokes the things that still matter to young people who are just starting out: the experience of new learning and the initiation that goes with it, along with the discovery of new community, new friends, new love and new loneliness. As a text it offers us the opportunity to draw together the great range of experience and of learning commanded by our faculty, and address the way a city can symbolize the whole of education for those who come to it for the first time. First published in 1964, the book is widely identified as perhaps the most important work of one of the world's most distinguished story-tellers.

Those interested in leading a Penn Reading Project discussion with Penn's newest undergraduates on Sunday afternoon, September 1, are asked to contact:

Christopher Dennis,
Academic Programs in Residence
3901 Locust Walk, suite 112
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6180
tel. (215) 898-5551....fax (215) 573-2061


Volume 42 Number 31
May 7, 1996

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