Law's Harvey Levin Award: Dr. Bruce Mann

This year's recipient of the Penn Law School's teaching prize, the Harvey Levin Memorial Award, is Dr. Bruce H. Mann (right), professor of law and history. Dr. Mann has taught at Penn since 1987, specializing in legal history, property, trusts and estates. He is a Phi Beta Kappa alumnus of Brown who took his J.D. and M. Phil. from Yale in 1975, and earned his Ph.D. there in 1977.

The Levin Award was established by the Philadelphia law firm of Schnader Harrison Segal and Lewis in 1978, to be awarded annually to a faculty member in recognition of teaching excellence. Each year's recipient is selected by a majority vote of students earning the J.D. that year. The law firm donates funds for books selected by each year's winner relating to his or her area of interest, to be placed in the Law School Library.


Volume 42 Number 31
May 7, 1996

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