Honoring the New Emeritus Professors

Last month at the University Museum, President Judith Rodin was host to a new kind of year-end ceremony as she gave out certificates to most of the 62 members of the faculty who are becoming emeritus professors this year. Having so many of them together in one place, she said, "re minds me of the wealth of experience and scholarly expertise, wisdom and common sense, that is gathered around us here every day.

"Penn, today, could not aspire to be among the very few leaders in higher education and research tomorrow, were it not for the strong founda tion of excellence and leadership to which each of you, our honorees, has made important contributions."

As the strategic plan and the 21st Century Project go forward, she added, "Provost Chodorow and I are very conscious of the fact that we are building on, and in many cases bringing to full flower, changes you and others began long ago. Rest assured that we will look to you for continued guidance, historical perspectiveand even occasionally, more hard workin the years ahead."

Photo caption: Senior Among Seniors: Having joined the University in 1958, Dr. Noah Prywes, center, led in length of service among the 62 who became emeritus professors this year. President Judith Rodin presented the certificates as each School's dean gave highlights of each faculty member's career. Dr. David Pope, associate dean of SEAS (right), recalled Dr. Prywes's role in the development of a new field.

Annenberg School for Communication
Charles Wright, Communications and Sociology, 1969

School of Arts and Sciences
Malcolm Campbell, History of Art, 1963
  • Richard S. Dunn, History, 1957
  • Robert Ian Harker, Geology, 1972
    Robert H. Koch, Astronomy, 1967
    Neil Leonard, History, 1961
  • Robert F. Lucid, English, 1964
  • John W. McCoubrey, History of Art, 1960
  • Roy Middleton, Physics, 1965
    Robert E. A. Palmer, Classical Studies, 1961
    Benjamin S. P. Shen, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 1966
    Ake W. Sjoberg, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, 1966
    Wesley D. Smith, Classical Studies, 1961
    Arnold W. Thackray, History and Sociology of Science, 1968
  • Robert Y. Turner, English, 1961
    Richard F. Wernick, Music, 1968
    Robert W. Zurmuhle, Physics, 1963

    School of Dental Medicine
    Burton Rosan, Microbiology, 1963
  • Henry Trowbridge, Pathology, 1972
    Anthony Vito, Periodontics, 1962

    School of Engineering and Applied Science
    Burton Paul, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, 1969
    Noah Prywes, Computer and Information Science, 1958
    Bernard Steinberg, Electrical Engineering, 1973
    Jay Zemel, Electrical Engineering, 1966

    School of Medicine
    Zalman S. Agus, Medicine, 1973
    Balu Athreya, Pediatrics, 1970
  • John E. Bevilacqua, Neurology, 1965
    Edward S. Cooper, Medicine, 1964
    John J. Downes, Anesthesia, 1966
    Karl Engelman, Medicine, 1970
    Maria Erecinska, Pharmacology, 1971
    Frances M. Gill, Pediatrics, 1973
    Gunter R. Haase, Neurology, 1974
    Nicholas A. Kefalides, Medicine, 1970
    Ralph W. Hamilton, Surgery, 1969
    Martin T. Orne, Psychiatry, 1964
    Giuseppe G. Pietra, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 1969
    Martin Reivich, Neurology, 1966
    Luis Schut, Neurosurgery, 1970
    Bayard T. Storey, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1967
  • Willys K. Silvers, Genetics, 1965
    Cam L. Witzleben, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 1973
    Chester M. Zmijewski, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 1975

    School of Nursing
    Constance Carino, 1980
    Claire M. Fagin, 1977
    Joan Lynaugh, 1980
    Elsa Ramsden, 1969

    School of Social Work
    Howard Arnold, 1970

    School of Veterinary Medicine
    Donald A. Abt, Pathobiology, 1966
    Carl E. Aronson, Animal Biology, 1971
  • Richard C. Bartholomew, Clinical Studies, New Bolton Center, 1968
    James W. Buchanan, Clinical Studies, Philadelphia, 1964
    Elaine P. Hammel, Clinical Studies, New Bolton Center, 1971
    Lin V. Klein, Clinical Studies, New Bolton Center, 1976
    Richard A. McFeely, Clinical Studies, New Bolton Center, 1966
    Donald F. Patterson, Clinical Studies, Philadelphia, 1962
    Robert M. Schwartzman, Clinical Studies, Philadelphia, 1959

    Wharton School
    Jack M. Guttentag, Finance and Real Estate, 1962
    Gerald Hurst, Operations and Information Management, 1969
    Peter H. Knutson, Accounting, 1966
    James Pickands, Statistics, 1969
  • Matthew J. Stephens, Accounting, 1964
  • In the list of new emeritus professors above, Lindback Award winners are marked

  • , and the date after the name and field is the date the professor joined the faculty.


    Volume 42 Number 31
    May 7, 1996

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