Alice Paul, Leonore Rowe Williams and Robert E. Davies Awards

The Association of Women Faculty and Administrators' annual awards breakfast on April 12 honored women from the University community. The Leonore Rowe Williams Award was presented to Dr. Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, director of the Penn Women's Studies Program, who is now on leave at Michigan; and Dr. Joyce E. Thompson, professor of nursing and director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center. The award was established in 1986 by a bequest of the widow of the former dean and provost, Dr. Edwin Williams, to honor outstanding women at Penn.

Elena M. DiLapi, director of the Women's Center, and Catherine Carr, Esq., executive director of Philadelphia Community Legal Services, received the Dr. Robert E. Davies Award, first given in 1994. It is awarded to those who "share the late Dr. Davies's commitment to thought and action in striving for equal rights for women."

The Alice Paul Awards for outstanding service by students, named in memory of the University alumna who wrote the first Equal Rights Amendment, were awarded to eight students who will graduate this year. Two are medical students, Christine Dacier and Debra Weinstein, who were instrumental in developing a new course on abortion and related issues that is being replicated around the country . Margaret Boardman, who will graduate from the School of Social Work, was cited for her work with children with cancer, and Jennifer Pollitt, also of SSW, for work on issues involving drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and HIV among women. Undergraduates receiving the Alice Paul Award were Onyx Finney of the United Minorities Council, Maria Gonzalez and Madeleine Lopez, who hold several leadership positions in Latino/Latina organizations and projects; and Mika Rao, president of the South Asian Society.

Pictured above: Some winners at the AWFA Awards breakfast, left to right: Catherine Carr, Madeleine Lopez, Elena DiLapi, Onyx Finney, Mika Rao, Jennifer Pollitt, and Christine Dacier.


Volume 42 Number 31
May 7, 1996

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