Annual Report of the 1994-95
Senate Committee on the Faculty

May 15, 1995

The following issues were addressed by the Senate Committee on the Faculty during the 1994-95 academic year:

1. Faculty Community Service Responsibility. In response to the recommendations of the Commission on Strengthening the Community, the intramural and extramural community service responsibility of the Standing Faculty was considered and a report submitted to the Senate Executive Committee. The recommendations were then published in Almanac April 11, 1995.

2. Department Closings. The present committee received from the Provost suggested changes related to the Department Closings report of the 1993-94 Senate Committee on the Faculty (Almanac May 3, 1994). The Provost's recommendations were submitted to the Senate Executive Committee, which rejected one of the suggested changes. The amended report was published in Almanac Supplement April 11, 1995.

3. Consensual Sexual Relations. The Report of the Working Group on Implementation of the Sexual Harassment Policy recommended that the University clarify its policy on sexual relationships between teachers and students. In response to this recommendation, a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on the Faculty reported on the causes of the ambiguities and made recommendations clarifying the University policy on consensual sexual relations. The report was published for comment in Almanac February 7, 1995. No responses were elicited. In response to a subsequent petition, SEC re-published the report in Almanac April 25, 1995. The proposed policy report will be distributed to the faculty as a mail ballot for approval or disapproval.

4. Probationary Period Policy related to Research Faculty moving to the Standing Faculty. The Deputy Provost requested the committee examine and clarify the University policy concerning the maximum permissible tenure-probationary period related to a Research Assistant Professor switching to a Assistant Professor in the Standing Faculty. The committee suggested revisions of the Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators language associated with such a faculty move (Section II.B.3., page 23, paragraph 2). The recommendations were approved by the Senate Executive Committee and published in Almanac May 9, 1995.

5. Requests for renewal or institution of associated faculty positions. The committee sent to SEC its approval of requests from the (a) Wharton School for renewal of its Visiting Executive Professorship program, (b) Graduate School of Education for institution of one Practice Professorship, and (c) Graduate School of Fine Arts for institution of four Practice Professorships, one to be appointed in each of its four departments (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, City Planning, and Fine Arts). The committee recommended that all of these programs be reviewed in five years. SEC approved the requests and forwarded them to the Provost and published them in Almanac November 8, 1994.

6. Review of University Parenting Policy. The Deputy Provost requested a review of the University's parenting policy as it relates to extension of the junior faculty tenure-probationary period. The committee reviewed parenting policies of Penn and some sister institutions. Recommendations have been made and questions raised concerning the University's policies as they relate to extension of the tenure-probationary period for pregnancy, childbirth, and child care purposes. The committee report will be sent to the Senate Executive Committee in the Fall for its consideration.

7. Faculty Grievance Commission Operating Procedure. A subcommittee has been ex-amining the overall operating procedure of the Faculty Grievance Commission and, if necessary, is to recommend changes. The subcommittee has sought feedback from the faculty and administration through interviews and a January 17, 1995 Almanac announcement. The extent of the sub-committee's work requires it to continue deliberations during the 1995-96 academic year with a Spring report expected.

8. Examination/Revision of Affirmative Action Guidelines. Affirmative Action Guidelines and operations scheduled to be addressed jointly by the Senate Committee on the Faculty and the Affirmative Action Council were deferred until the Provost appointed a new Deputy Provost and Affirmative Action Officer. These two positions have recently been filled and the above committees will address, during the 1995-96 academic year, affirmative action issues, in particular the devel-opment of a faculty exit questionnaire and the implementation of the faculty exit interview process.

Stephen B. Burbank (law)
Jean Crockett (emeritus finance)
Janet A. Deatrick (nursing)
Peter J. Hand (animal biology), Chair
Morris Mendelson (emeritus finance)
Sheila Murnaghan (classical studies)
Janet Rothenberg Pack (public policy and management)

ex officio:
Barbara J. Lowery (nursing), Faculty Senate Chair
William L. Kissick (medicine), Faculty Senate Chair-elect

Staff: Carolyn P. Burdon (executive assistant to the Faculty Senate Chair)