From the Senate Office

The following statement is published in accordance with the Senate Rules. Among other purposes, the publication of SEC actions is intended to stimulate discussion between the constituencies and their representatives. Please communicate your comments to Senate Chair William Kissick or Executive Assistant Carolyn Burdon, 15 College Hall/6303, 898-6943 or

Actions Taken by the Senate Executive Committee

Wednesday, September 6, 1995

1. Past Senate Chair. SEC appointed David Hildebrand by acclamation to serve as Past Chair of the Faculty Senate for 1995-96. He replaces Barbara Lowery who resigned to become Associate Provost.

2. Committee Chairs. Chairs were announced: Senate Committee on Academic Freedom, Iraj Zandi; Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty, Robert Hornik; Senate Committee on Administration, David Brownlee; Senate Committee on the Faculty, Sheila Murnaghan; Senate Committee on Publication Policy for Almanac, Martin Pring; Senate Committee on Students and Educational Policy, James Laing; and Chair-elect of the Faculty Grievance Commission, Paul Kleindorfer.

3. Academic Planning and Budget Committee and Capital Council. Past Chair David Hildebrand reported that there have been no meetings since the last SEC meeting.

4. Parenting Policy. The Senate Committee on the Faculty draft addresses two issues: (1) policy concerning the extension of the tenure-probationary period for individuals with a new child, but with uncertainties about to whom the extension would apply, and whether or not it would be retroactive, and (2) policy concerning leaves at the time of the birth of a child, where current policy is quite vague and essentially relies on ad hoc negotiation between the new parent and supervising dean or chair. SEC members suggested that the committee also consider recommendations on: other life events; child care; and the needs of clinician-educators for whom tenure is not an issue. The chair of the Personnel Benefits Committee requested a recommendation from the Faculty Senate on the tenure implications.

It was agreed that the draft will be revised in light of the discussion and printed in Almanac next week for comment along with the current Handbook policy. The Committee on the Faculty will redraft the policy and it will then be referred to the Personnel Benefits Committee for review and comment. The President has indicated that the work of both committees will be considered in the comprehensive review of benefits policy to be undertaken later this year.

5. Informal Discussion with the President. President Rodin reviewed appointments in the Offices of the President, the Provost, and the Executive Vice President. The position of Vice President for Policy and Planning in the President's Office is vacant and will not be filled. As restructuring moves forward, this year's focus will be on research infrastructure and facilities, as well as creative ways to address declining government funding.

6. Other New Business. SEC reviewed issues for debate in University Council and the term of the Economic Status Committee.