A-3s of the Month--Darin Smith in July...

Mr. Darin Smith (left), a 1993 Penn alumnus who
received his Bachelor's Degree in psychology and entered the
Graduate School of Fine Art's Urban Planning program this fall,
was named the A-3 Employee of the Month for July. His
supervisor, Ms. Denise Danner, commends Mr. Smith, a records
supervisor at Student Financial Services since August 1993, for "consistently demonstrating a superior aptitude for handling customers.
He clearly understands [the department's] customer oriented atmosphere."

In addition, Mr. Smith has helped make the undergraduate
counseling area more efficient by implementing solutions to reduce
the flow of paperwork and streamline the department's operational processes.

Said Ms. Danner of Mr. Smith--who will be working on a
temporary basis to accommodate his graduate program: "He
promotes support and acceptance with staff and students, is flexible
during the busy times of the year and is willing to put in
extra effort and time to get the job done."

...and Yvonne McLean in August

August's A-3 of the month was Ms. Yvonne McLean (left),
administrative assistant in the Wharton Real Estate Center/
Department. "Having joined the department only last fall,
Yvonne was quick to learn the ropes and was soon an
indispensable part of the department." said her supervisor,
Ms. Karren Henderson. Ms. McLean lets nothing stop her;
even during a period when she was hospitalized, she
checked in regularly and in spite of a heavy workload,
she was "happy to take on projects that would help others.

"Her talents abound outside the office as well: she is
a dedicated member of her church and is an active member
of its choir. Currently, she is even undergoing training to be
a spiritual counselor." Part of a large extended family, and
the mother of a teenage son, Ms. McLean "helps out her
loved ones" including recently staying with a recuperating aunt.

To nominate an A-3 staff member for this honor, please contact Ms. Betty Thomas, chair of the A-3 Assembly's Employee Recognition Committee, at 212 Franklin Building/6270.