Financial Breakfast Series

Penn and the Vanguard Group will sponsor information sessions April 30 and May 1, at 8:30 a.m. at the Faculty Club.

April 30: Investment Perspectives

Come review the most recent phenomena affecting the economy and the financial marketplace, as well as its correlation to the performance of the Vanguard/Penn fund options. This meeting will focus on the short-term, but will encourage you to make investment decisions based on the long-term. The target audience for Investment Perspectives should have high deferral rates, age appropriate asset allocation, and above average understanding of investments.

May 1: The Triumph of Indexing

"Index Funds should be the core of most portfolios" stated Money magazine last fall in an article which triumphed the success of the indexing philosophy. Come learn more about the advantages of indexing including what it is and how the strategy is implemented. Armando Llanes of the Vanguard Group will explore what makes indexing work and also share some of the potential disadvantages. The Vanguard Group pioneered the first index fund in 1976, and now offers 23 index oriented portfolios including the $20 billion Vanguard Index Trust-500 Portfolio.

Seating is limited, please call Mary Rutherford at 1-800-662-0106, ext. 14078 to reserve a space.

--Benefits, Human Resources


Volume 42 Number 29
April 23, 1996

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