Results of Restaurant/Retail Survey

The winners of the survey recently conducted by the Real Estate Department (Almanac January 23) have been announced by Helen Walker, project manager.

The winners and their prizes:

$100 at the Gap
Robert Basic (Wh '98)

$50 at Smile Clothes
Stephanie Kleban (Col '96)

$50 at Joseph Anthony
Irene Opendak (Info Syst Spec, U. Life)

$50 at White Dog Cafe
Jason Busch (Col '97)

$100 at Footlocker
Joe Henry (HUP staff)

$50 at Thrift Drug
Christian Conroy (Marketing Coord, PASBDC)

$50 at PennBook Ctr
Urvashee Patel (Col '99)

$50 at LeBus
Dimitris Haramoglis (Wh '97)

The survey had 1000 responses (959 of them electronic), from these sources:

624 undergraduate students
169 faculty and staff
136 graduate students
43 other
20 medical center employees
8 HUP employees

The top five restaurants among those listed:

  1. Food Court at 3401 Walnut
  2. Houston Hall Mall
  3. Chili's
  4. Le Bus
  5. Beijing

Retail shopping patterns:
26.9% of respondents do most of their shopping in University City
63.5% of respondents do some of their shopping in University City
23.6% of respondents mostly shop in Center City
19% of respondents would like to see more clothing stores.

Ms. Walker said this was a "tremendous increase from last year's paper-only survey."


March 26, 1996
Volume 42 Number 25

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