As part of the Reengineering Project, the University will shortly launch a study of total compensation, which includes both salary and benefits. On this page is the text of a message being sent by the Human Resources Office to all members of the faculty and staff. It is the first of a projected series of progress reports on the project.

Classification Redesign Project

This is the first in a series of communications about the Classification Redesign Project currently being undertaken at the University of Pennsylvania.

What is the Classification Redesign Project?

The Classification Redesign Project is a University-wide initiative to review the job evaluation system that Penn uses to classify staff positions. The Classification Redesign Project is part of a broader effort which will address total compensation. The term "total compensation" refers not only to direct pay but includes Penn-sponsored benefits and services that University employees receive. The purpose of this review process is to redesign our classification and benefits programs to best serve the changing needs of the University while maintaining a strong and competitive overall total compensation plan. After all, Penn needs to attract and retain the most qualified staff possible in its current, competitive environment.

What is the Classification Redesign Team?

The Classification Redesign Team is a working group of representatives from several schools and centers across the University who are knowledgeable about Penn and its needs. This team will meet regularly over the next 18 months to bring this project to completion. The names of the team members, as well as their school/center affiliations, are below.

Why is the University engaged in this project?

All organizations, including universities, require on-going monitoring and updating of their job classification, pay delivery and benefit systems. Penn's current job classification system dates back to the early 80's. Many changes to job content and design have occurred since then, brought about by such factors as technology, new work practices, and reorganizations.

A major reassessment at this juncture is both normal and desirable, the expected result of a changing workforce and changing world. The Classification Redesign Team will help build a new system of evaluating staff positions which will be responsive to these changes, sensitive to labor market conditions and consistently and efficiently administered.

Future Communication

These updates, presentations, articles in University publications and on PennNet will occur in the months ahead. This will provide you with information about the progress of the Classification Redesign Project. Questions from staff should be directed to members of the Classification Redesign Team or to the Human Resources Compensation Office.

Next Steps

Over the next several weeks, several hundred University staff will be asked to complete position information questionnaires which will help us to gather data on a select group of benchmark positions. This initial group of positions represents a cross-section of the jobs at the University, thus providing us with information on a wide variety of jobs. As the project moves forward, additional staff will be asked to fill out these questionnaires. The intention, by the end of the project, is to have completed questionnaires on all classifications at the University.

If you are part of this group, you will receive further information about this from your school or center.

Classification Redesign Team

Glenn Bryan, Director, Office of Community Relations
133 S. 36th Street, Suite 517/3246

Patrick Burke, Director, Fiscal Operations, SEAS
285 TB/6391

Susan Curran, Assistant Manager, Human Resource Services
3401 Walnut Street/6228

Kristin Davidson, Assistant Dean for Administration, School of Nursing
472 NEB/6096

Manny Doxer, Executive Director, Administrative Affairs, Provost's Office
133 S. 36th St, Suite #507/3246

Bonnie Gibson, Director, Financial & Administrative, Information Systems & Computing
230A 3401 Walnut/6228

Janet Gordon, Associate Executive Vice President
721 FB/6293

Saul Katzman, Executive Director, Administrative & Financial Services, School of Arts and Sciences
112 CH/6377

Carol Kontos-Cohen, Director, Human Resources Planning, Division of University Life
3611 Locust Walk/6222

Jackie Matthews, Director, Human Resources & Administration, Wharton School
305 SH-DH/6302

Lynn Meaney, Director, Program Planning & Assessment, School of Medicine
237 John Morgan/6055

Jerry Rosenbloom, Frederick H. Ecker Professor of Insurance & Risk Management; Program Director CEBS
308 CPC/6218

Barry Stupine, Associate Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine, and Director, Veterinary Hospital
2008 VHUP/6010

Rita Tomassone, Personnel Director, Development & Alumni Relations
418 FB/6285

Project Leaders:

David M. Smith, Director, Human Resource Services
3401 Walnut Street/6228

Chris Griffith, Assistant Manager, Compensation
3401 Walnut Street/6228


March 26, 1996
Volume 42 Number 25

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