Penn Public Safety--Crime Alert

The Penn Police Department has received several reports of an unidentified male in the area of 600 University Avenue/Hollenbach Center, Lot #33, and Civic Center.

Reportedly approaching women by putting his hands on their arms, and asking "Can I talk to you?" or ordering "Come here!" he has been known to follow women, attempting to physically pull the women from the highway.

He is described as African American, about 25 years old; 170 lbs.; dark curly or dreadlocked hair; clean shaven and neatly dressed. He was last seen wearing a navy blue windbreaker set, and driving gloves cut off at the fingers. If you have any information concerning this male, please contact the Penn Police Department.

Penn Police

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Safety Tips:

-- Officer Tammie Watson


March 26, 1996
Volume 42 Number 25

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