The statue of Mercury
(here in its permanent
home, the Mercury Loggia)
represents the Morris
Arboretum, at the Philadelphia
Flower Show's celebration of
four historic Philadelphia
gardens. The country's
oldest and largest flower
show, in its Convention Center
debut, spotlights the Arboretum,
along with the Philadelphia
Zoological Gardens, Bartram's
Garden and Wyck. For more
information about the 10-acre
show, which runs through
March 3, call 1-800-611-5960
or visit the Arboretum's site (


8 Spring Recess begins at end of classes. Classes resume March 18.

25 Advanced Registration for fall and summer sessions. Through April 7.


2 Saturday Morning Gymnastics; lessons for boys and girls, ages 6-12; 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.; Hutchinson Gym; $90/10-week session; info/registration: 898-5316. Through May 18.

4 Touring ENIAC; tour guides show groups a portion of the original computer including a function table and decade counter; after the presentation, students can punch their names into commemorative punch-cards; recommended for school, scouting and computer club groups of up to 35 students, grades 4-12 with two chaperones; other tours available to individuals and smaller groups; advanced reqistration required: 898-4706 or (SEAS/Computing and Educational Technology Services). Through June 1996.

9 The Treasures of Ur; children, ages 8-12, fashion ancient-style jewels in the craft shop; 10 a.m.-noon; info/registration: 898-4016; $5/materials.

29 Oh Brother!; the story of a young girl who, with the help of a Shakespearean actor, realizes that she wants a younger brother; Stimulus Children's Theatre; 7 p.m.; $5/adults, $2/children, group rates available; Houston Hall Auditorium; info: 243-0945. Repeated Mar. 30, 2 & 7 p.m.; Mar. 31, 2 p.m.

30 Music and Garbage; Everybody Makes Music Series; 1 p.m.; International House; $6, $3/children 12 and under; tickets: 895-6546.


Admission donations: University Museum: $5, $2.50/seniors and students with ID, free/members, with PennCard, children under 6; Institute of Contemporary Art: $3, $1/students, artists, seniors, free/members, children under 12, with PennCard, and on Sundays 10 a.m.-noon; Morris Arboretum: $4, $3/seniors, $2/students, free/with PennCard, children under 6; all other galleries: free.


5 Oil Paintings; still lifes and cityscapes by two Penn and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts graduates, Elaine Lisle (B.A. '76) and Nancy Bea Miller (B.A. '85); opening reception, 4:30-6:30 p.m.; Burrison Art Gallery, Faculty Club. Through March 29.

18 MFA Graduate Thesis Exhibition I; Works by Aaron Brooks, Chang Chea, Gregg Coker, Anand Glaser, Yong Chull Kim, Scott Robinson, Sarah Roche, Linda White and Hae-Won Won; reception, March 19, 6-9 p.m.; Meyerson Hall. Through March 29.

28 Homeless in Kensington; Bowl Room, Houston Hall. (Office of Student Life). Through April 11.


First year MFA Show; Lower Gallery, Meyerson Hall. Through Mar. 5.

John W. Mauchly and the Year of the Computer; Rosenwald Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. Through Mar. 25.

City Into Country: Nineteenth-Century French Paintings from the Charlotte Dorrance Wright Bequest and Other Collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Arthur Ross Gallery, Fisher Fine Arts Library, Furness Building. Through March 31.

Robert Montgomery Bird: Literary Writer/Visual Artist; Kamin Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. Through April 1.

Somewhere East of Suez: People and Places; First Floor Sharpe Gallery, Museum. Through April 7.

Withershins; Gary Hill's Golden Lion Award-winning video installation; ICA. Through April 14.

Jeanne Silverthorne Sculpture; ICA. Through April 14.

Lyn Haber; photographs of ancient bristlecone pines and other plants of the American west; Morris Arboretum. Through June 30.

Ormandy the Interpreter; Eugene Ormandy Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich

Library. Through June 30.

Images of Victory: Woodblock Prints from the Sino-Japanese War (1894-95); Second Floor Changing Gallery, Museum. Through Aug. 31.

Sculpture of Harry Gordon; Arboretum. Through 1996.

Time and Rulers at Tikal: Architectural Sculpture of the Maya; Museum. Through Fall 1997.


Ancient Greek World; Living in Balance: Universe of the Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and Apache; Ancient Mesopotamia: Royal Tombs of Ur; The Egyptian Mummy: Secrets and Science; Raven's Journey: World of Alaska's Native People; Buddhism: History and Diversity of a Great Tradition; Museum.

University Museum Tours

Meet at main entrance; 1:30 p.m.

2 World of Alaska's Native People.

3 The Search for Self: Buddhism Spreads.

9 Death in Mesopotamia: The Royal Graves of Ur.

10 Coming of Age in Africa: Balance and Change.

16 The Mesoamerican Collection.

17 Highlights of the Collection.

23 The Archaeologist's Work.

24 Greece: A Lasting Legacy.

30 Of Maya Kings and Hieroglyphs.

31 The Mesoamerican World.


6 Bali: Life in the Balance (Ray); Philadelphia Geographic Society Film; 7:45 p.m.; Harrison Auditorium, Museum; $12; tickets/info: (610) 436-2155 (Geographic Soc. of Phila.).

13 Video Festival '96; compilation of narrative, experimental and documentary videos; 6 p.m.; ICA (New Arts Program, Inc; ICA).

SPEC Film Society

Screenings at 7 and 9:30 p.m. (unless noted) in Irvine Auditorium; $3, $2/with PennCard.

1 Safe (Haynes, USA, 1995).

7 Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Heckerling, USA, 1982).

21 Citizen Kane (Welles, USA, 1941).

22 Braveheart (Gibson, USA, 1995); 8 p.m.

28 Orlando (Potter, UK, 1993).

29 Toy Story (Disney Production, USA, 1995).

Latin American Film Festival

Screenings at 6:30 p.m. in Stiteler B-21.Continues through April 18.

7 Lucia (Subtitled).

21 The Panama Deception (English).

28 Rojo Amanecer (Spanish).

Film/Video Project

Films, film series and programs at International House; film tickets (unless noted): $6, $5/members, students, seniors, $3/children under 12; foreign language films with English subtitles; info: 895-6542. Repeat dates and times in italics.

2 World's Best Commercials (Various, 1995); 4 p.m. Mar. 3-5, 6 & 7:45 p.m.

Cold Fever/A Koldum Klaka (Fridriksson, Iceland/US, 1995); 10 p.m. Mar. 3, 4 p.m.; Mar. 4-7, 9 p.m.

6 I Can't Sleep (Denis, France, 1993); 7 p.m. Mar. 7, 7 p.m.; Mar. 8, 9:30 p.m.; Mar. 9-10, 9 p.m.; Mar. 11-12, 7 & 9:15 p.m.

9 Toy Story (Disney, US, 1995); open captioned; 7 p.m. Mar. 10, 3 p.m.

13 It Happens to Us (Rothschild, US, 1972) and Jane: An Abortion Service (Kirtz/Lundy, US, 1995); 7 p.m.

28 The First Filmmaker (Lumiere brothers, France, 1895-1903); with Bertrand Tavernier and Thierry Fremaux from the Institut Lumiere; 7:30 p.m.; $10.

29 Camp for Boys and Girls (Various); 7 & 10:15 p.m. Mar. 30, 7 & 10:15 p.m.; Mar. 31, 5:15 & 8:45 p.m.

Homo Promo (Various); 8:45 p.m. Mar. 30, 5:15 & 8:45 p.m.; Mar. 31, 7 p.m.

Ida Lupino: The Filmmaker

8 The Hitch-Hiker (Lupino, US, 1953); with Ronnie Scheib on Mar. 8; 7 p.m. Mar. 10, 5 p.m.

9 Hard, Fast and Beautiful (Lupino, US, 1951); 3:30 p.m. Mar. 15, 9 p.m.

Outrage (Lupino, US, 1950); 5:15 p.m. Mar. 18, 7 p.m.

10 The Trouble with Angels (Lupino, US, 1966); 6:30 p.m. Mar. 16, 7 p.m.

13 Not Wanted (Clifton/Lupino, US, 1949); 9 p.m. Mar. 16, 3 p.m.

14 The Man I Love (Walsh, US, 1946); 7 p.m. Mar. 16, 5 p.m.

The Bigamist (Lupino, US, 1953); 9 p.m. Mar. 18, 8:45 p.m.

15 The Hard Way (Sherman, US, 1943); 7 p.m. Mar. 16, 9:15 p.m.

Independent Film/Video Ass'n

Registration/information: 895-6594.

2 Condition Red (Kaurismaki, US, 1995); with Mike Lemon; 7 p.m.; $6.

27 PIFVA Open Screen; 7 p.m.

Strings in Spring: Ancient and Traditional Music

Music of harps and lyres--some long silent--sounds out in three special presentations this month. Berkeley's Anne Kilmer demonstrates the sounds of Ancient Mesopotamia at the University Museum. The Assyriologist has studied ancient cuneiform tablets, early scales and an actual song dating from 1400 B.C. Her recent recordings on replicas of the instruments show how the Museum's newly conserved ancient silver lyre with stag's head and boat-shaped sound box (at left) and its bull-headed lyre--both from the Sumerian city of Ur (circa 2600 B.C.)--would have sounded. (Music).

The Folklife Center at International House offers two concerts and two workshops of harp music. Veracruz's Tlen-Huicani (above right) shares the sounds of Latin American as well as traditional Mexican folk music. The harpa jarocha (folk harp) is the centerpiece of the ensemble which was voted Mexico's best folk group by music and theater critics.

St. Patrick's weekend, Ann and Charlie Heymann of Ireland's Clairseach (below right) talk about, play and teach the music of the Gaelic wire-strung harp. (Music).


20 University Council Meeting; 4-6 p.m.; McClelland Hall, The Quad.

21 Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Staff and Faculty Meeting; noon; room info: 898-5044 or

25 SAC Meeting; all representatives expected to attend; 6 p.m.; Room B-6, Stiteler (Student Activities Council).


5 The Lively Art of Music in Mesopotamia: 2500-500 B.C.; lecture by Anne Kilmer, UC Berkeley, and demonstration of ancient music and instruments; Kevorkian Visiting Lecturship Series; 6 p.m.; reception follows; reservations: 898-4890; Rainey Auditorium, University Museum; free with admission donation (see Exhibits) (Museum).

28 Early Music at Penn; Gwyn Roberts and William Parberry direct the Penn Madrigal Singers, Penn Baroque Ensemble and Recorder Ensemble; 8 p.m.; Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall.

29 The University Symphony Orchestra; Ricardo Averbach directs Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5 and A George Crumb's Haunted Landscape; 8 p.m.; Cathedral Church of the Savior, 38th and Chestnut Street.

Folklife Center

Concerts at International House; $15, $13/students, seniors, $10/members; advance tickets: 893-1145; day of show: tickets sold at International House two hours prior to show subject to availability; discounts available; info: 895-6537.

1 Tlen-Huicani; traditional Latin American folk music centering around the harpa jarocha (folk harp), led by Alberto de la Rosa; 8 p.m.; dinner featuring specialities of Veracruz at Zocalo Restaurant before the concert, $15/ticket holders, reservations: 895-0139.

2 Latin Harp Workshop; with Alberto de la Rosa, focusing on Latin rhythms and improvisation; for intermediate-advanced abilities; 10 a.m.-noon; $25, $20/students and Tlen-Huicani ticket-holders.

16 Irish Harp Workshop; with Clairseach, focusing on Irish dance music and ornamentation; all levels; 1-3 p.m.; $25, $20/students and Clairseach ticket-holders. Clairseach; all Ireland harp champion, Ann Heymann, accompanied on the guitar, button accordion, cittern and concertina by husband Charlie; 7 p.m.; concert preceded by lecture: Clairseach Aris, Music and Mythology of the Gaelic Harp.

17 9th Annual Celtic/Appalachian Celebration; The Green Fields of America, Jimmy Keane, Winifred Horan, John Jennings, JR Vancheri, Jessie Smith, Tina Lech, Mac Benford and the Woodshed All Stars; Regan Wick; 2:30 & 7 p.m.


Hit-or-Mrs.; Mask and Wig calls its 108th production "what you get when you cross La Cage Aux Folles with The Natural"; March 1, 2, 28, 29: Mask and Wig Clubhouse, 310 S. Quince St., $20/theater show, $50/dinner show, tickets/info/times: 923-4229; March 22, 23: Annenberg Center, $16, $8/students, 8 p.m., tickets: 898-6791.

4 Previewers Series; reading of a new play; 7 p.m.; Harold Prince Theatre, Annenberg Center; $5/free students and subscribers; info: 898-6791 (Annenberg Center Theatre Series; Philadelphia Festival Theatre for New Plays).

23 Michelle Garb; Still Standing Comedy Series; 8 p.m.; Bowl Room, Houston Hall (Office of Student Life).

29 Oh Brother!; see Children's Activities; 7 p.m.; Repeated Mar. 30, 2 & 7 p.m.; Marc. 31, 2 p.m.


Guided Walking Tours; Sat. and Sun.; 2 p.m.; hours: Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sat. and Sun., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Morris Arboretum; admission: Exhibits.

1 Shodô (Calligraphy) Demonstration by Visiting Zen Master; Fukushima Keido; see also Talks (March 1); noon-2 p.m.; Chinese Rotunda, University Museum; free with admission donation (see Exhibits). (Museum; Center for Eastern Asian Studies).

Women of Color Awards Luncheon; noon-2 p.m.; Penn Tower Hotel; tickets: 898-6993.

4 Touring ENIAC; tours of the computer (see Children's Activities). Through June 1996.

20 Salmon Fest Buffet; full course dinner; 5:30-8 p.m.; Faculty Club; $15 plus 18% service charge; reservations: 898-4618.

22 A-3 Assembly Crafts Fair; 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall.

28 Wine Gala Fundraiser; Le Bec Fin sommlier Gregory Moore honored at the annual Bread Upon the Waters Scholarship Fundraiser; 6 p.m.; Lower Egypt Gallery, University Museum; $150; information: 898-6940 (College of General Studies).

30 Sacred Mountain, Sacred Stone: The Face of Maya Ritual; 14th Annual Maya Weekend; Museum; for info. and prices, call Special Events Office: 898-4890. Through March 31.


Tickets for winter sports, except basketball, are free. Basketball: 898-6151.

Home locations: Basketball: Palestra; Women's Gymnastics: Hutchinson Gym; Lacrosse: Franklin Field.

1 W. Basketball v. Columbia; 7 p.m.

2 M. Lacrosse v. Canisius, 1 p.m.; Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser: W. Basketball v. Cornell, 7 p.m., donations accepted in lieu of admission charge.

3 W. Lacrosse Penn Invitational.

5 Basketball v. Princeton; W, 6:30 p.m.; M., 9 p.m.

6 M. Lacrosse v. Michigan State; 3 p.m.

23 W. Lacrosse v. Cornell, 11 a.m.; Gymnastics v. Bridgeport, 1 p.m.; M. Lacrosse v. Harvard, 1:30 p.m.

26 W. Lacrosse v. Temple; 7 p.m.

27 M. Lacrosse v. Lafayette; 7 p.m.

30 M. Lacrosse v. Cornell; 4 p.m.

31 W. Lacrosse v. Harvard; noon.


1 Structure-Based Design; Tom Blundell, University of London; Sterling Lecture; noon; Rm. M100-101, John Morgan Building (Pharmacology).

Green Gold: Opportunities for Enhancing Economic Competitiveness through Environmental Technology; Alan Miller, UMD; 12:15-1:45 p.m.; Rm. 213, Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall (Institute for Environmental Studies).

TBA; Hal Foster, 3-5 p.m.; location TBA. (English).

Zen Buddhism; Fukushima Keido, Tofukuji Temple, Kyoto, Japan; see also Special Events; 4:30 p.m.; Room 109, Annenberg School for Communication (Center for East Asian Studies).

2 Theories of Neutral Molecular Evolution in Historical Perspective; William Provine, Cornell; 10 a.m.-noon; Room 502; Science Center, 3440 Market Street (History & Sociology of Science).

4 Service Utilization Among Dually Diagnosed Persons with Serious Mental Illness; Sara Corse, Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research; 12-1:30 p.m.; Leonard Davis Institute Boardroom (LDI; CMHPSR).

Regulation of Gene Expression and Differentiation by Nuclear Hormone Receptors; Mitchell Lazar, medicine and genetics; noon; Room M100-101, John Morgan Bldg. (Pharmacology).

Zeugmatin is Part of the Titin Molecule and Bacteria on Skis (short video); Jean and Joseph Sanger, cell and developmental biology; 2 p.m.; Physiology Conference Room, Richards Bldg. (Pennsylvania Muscle Institute).

TBA; JoMills Braddock, Miami University; 3-4:30 p.m.; Graduate School of Education (Search Committee for the Constance Clayton Chair in Education.)

Lysozyme, Langmuir and Latex: Adsorption of Proteins and Colloids; Abraham Lenhoff, bioengineering; 3:30 p.m.; Rm. 337, Towne Building (Chemical Engineering).

Interface with Folklorists in the Public Sector; Room 370, 3440 Market St. (Folklore & Folklife).

Transient and Enduring Effects of Experience: Functional Brain Imaging Studies of Human Cortex; Leslie Ungerleider, NIMH; 4 p.m.; Rm. B-26, Stiteler Hall (Psychology).

Revolutionary Origins of Human Rights; Lynn Hunt, history; 7-8:30 p.m.; $5; free/registrees of any paid CGS Special Programs Spring 1996 course.

5 Redefining Literacy for Deaf Children; Claire Ramsey; 11-12:30 p.m.; Rm. C12, Graduate School of Education. (Search Committee for the Constance Clayton Chair in Education).

Cytoplasmic Dynein and the Fast Moving Realm of Axonal Transport; K. Kevin Pfister, UVA; 2:30 p.m.; Physiology Conference Room, Richards Bldg. (Pennsylvania Muscle Institute).

Uri Nara Manse: Korean Cultural Nationalism Under the Park and Chun Regimes; G. Cameron Hurst, East Asian Studies; 4:30 p.m.; Rm. 102, Williams Hall (Center for East Asian Studies).

6 The 'Rise of Yiddish' and the Transformation of Jewish Life in Eastern Europe; David Fishman, Jewish Theological Seminary; noon; 420 Walnut St. (Center for Judaic Studies).

Who Copied Early Christian Texts During the Second and Third Centuries CE?; Kim Haines-Etzen, UNC Chapel Hill; 3-5 p.m.; Room 117, Duhring Wing (Religious Studies).

The Myc-Max Transcription Factor Network; Bob Eisenman, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; 4 p.m.; Grossman Auditorium, Wistar Institute (Wistar).

Gallery Conversation: Jeanne Silverthorne Exhibition; Steve Berg & Judith Tannenbaum; 6 p.m.; ICA (ICA).

7 The Consequences of Child Maltreatment: Research & Practice; Dante Cicchetti, Mt. Hope Family Center and University of Rochester; 10-11 a.m.; C-12, Graduate School of Education (Psychology in Education Search Seminar).

Electrophysiology, Imaging and Cystic Fibrosis; Kevin Foskett, physiology; 11 a.m.; Room 337, Towne Building Bioengineering).

Darwinian Medicine: Why Does Psychopathology Exist At All?; Randolph Ness, Michigan; noon-1 p.m.; Clinical Research Building Auditorium (Psychiatry).

Determinants of State Expenditures on Treatment of Alcohol Abuse; Mark Pauly, health care systems; 12-1 p.m.; Colonial Penn Center Boardroom (LDI Center for Research).

Cellular and Molecular Approa-ches for Heart Repair; Loren Field, University of Indiana; 12:15-1:30 p.m.; Wood Room, John Morgan Building (Cell and Developmental Biology).

Basho's Use of the Self; Eleanor Kerkham, UMD; 5 p.m.; Rm. 421, Williams Hall (East Asian Studies).

8 Environmental Carcinogens, Mutation, and Mitochondrial Dysfunction; Vijayasarathy Camasamudram, animal biology/vet; 12:15-1:45 p.m.; Room 213, Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall (Environmental Studies).

13 The Khoja Ismailis of South Asia: Negotiating through Cultural Spaces; Ali Asani, Harvard; 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Classroom 2, Museum (South Asia Regional Studies).

The Apoptotic Executioner: Fundamental Mechanisms of Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity; Doug Green, LaJolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology; 4 p.m.; Grossman Auditorium, Wistar Institute (Wistar).

14 Meeting the Challenge of Time-Limited Group Psychotherapy; K. Roy Mackenzie, University of British Columbia; 12-1 p.m.; Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Building (Psychiatry; Philadelphia Child Guidance Center; PennMed).

Genetic Control of Developmental Timing in C. Elegans; Victor Ambrose, Darmouth; 12:15-1:30 p.m.; Wood Room, John Morgan Building (Cell and Developmental Biology).

Bimolecular Dynamics Explored by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Richard Ernst, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich; 63rd Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Lecture; 6 p.m.; Rm. 102, Chemistry Bldg. (Chemistry).

18 Role of Nitric Oxide in the Microcirculation During Anesthesia; Alex Loeb, anesthesia and pharmacology; noon; Rm. M100-101, John Morgan Building (Pharmacology).

Using Transfection and Mutagenesis to Probe the Assembly of Definitive Z Bands; Howard Holtzer; cell and developmental biology; 2 p.m.; Physiology Conference Room, Richards Bldg. (Pennsylvania Muscle Institute).

Heterogeneous Catalysis on the Large and Small Scales; James Carberry, Notre Dame; 3:30 p.m.; Rm. 337, Towne Bldg. (Chemical Engineering).

Science and Nationality in 19th Century Germany; Gabriel Finkelstein, history & sociology of science; 4 p.m.; Room 502, 3440 Market St. (H & SS).

19 Cervical Spine Dynamics; Barry Myers, Duke; 11 a.m.; Rm. 337, Towne Building (Bioengineering).

Ismet Inonu as Turkish Statesman and Politician; Metin Heper, Princeton; 4:30 p.m.; Room 421, Williams Hall (Middle East Center).

Pan-Africansim and Pedagogy; Manthia Diawara, NYU; Richard Wright Lectures; 4:30 p.m.; Room 105, Lauder-Fischer Hall (Center for the Study of Black Literature and Culture). Series continues on March 20, Richard Wright and African Modernity and April 3, Rouch in Reverse.

20 Muslim Missionizing and Cultural Geographies in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier; Wynne Maggi, Emory; 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Classroom 2, Museum (SARS).

Inscribing Creole History: Seventeenth-Century Representations of the Virgin of Guadalupe; Sylvia Santaballa, Romance languages; noon; Ben Franklin Room, Houston Hall. (Latin American Cultures Program).

A Comparative Dialogue on the Transmission of Mystical Ideas and Praxis in Judaism and Christianity and their Mutual Interactions; Moshe Idel and Bernard McGinn, Chicago; noon; 420 Walnut St. (Ctr. for Judaic Studies).

The Impurity of Immorality in Ancient Judaism; Jonathon Klawans, Columbia; 3-5 p.m.; Rm. 117, Duhring Wing (Religious Studies).

Genetic Engineering of Influenza Viruses; Peter Palese, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine; 4 p.m.; Grossman Auditorium, Wistar Institute (Wistar).

Competition Among HMOs: Who Benefits?; Karen Ignani, Group Health Association of America; 4:30-6 p.m.; CPC Auditorium, (LDI Center for Health Policy).

Slide Lecture: Gary Hill Exhibit; with the artist; 6 p.m.; ICA (ICA; SEAS).

21 Non-anticoagulant Agents With Heparin's Cell Modulating Activities Structural Basis and Therapeutic Implications; Paul Weisz, bioengineering; 11 a.m.; Rm. 337, Towne Bldg. (Bioengineering).

Alzheimer's Disease: Translating Research Into Practice; Burton Reifler, Bowman Gray School of Medicine; noon-1 p.m.; CRB Auditorium (Psychiatry; PCGC; PennMed).

Effects of Closing State Hospitals on Patients and the Delivery System: A Case Study of Philadelphia State Hospital; Aileen Rothbard, Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research; 12-1 p.m.; CPC Boardroom (LDI).

Genetic Control of Tissue Polarity and the Morphogenesis of Cellular Projections; Paul Adler, UVA; 12:15-1:30 p.m.; Wood Room, John Morgan Bldg. (Cell and Dev. Biology).

Current Events in Taiwan; Lyushun Shen, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in U.S.; 4:30 p.m.; Rm. 102, Williams Hall (Center for East Asian Studies).

Community Counts: Opportunities for Community-Based Scholarship; Gary Delgado, Applied Research Center, Oakland, California; Kenneth L.M. Pray Lecture; 7-9 p.m.; Alumni Hall, Faculty Club (Social Work).

22 Unusual In-Vivo Effects of Chromium; Charlotte Witmer, Rutgers; 12:15-1:45 p.m.; Rm. 213, Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall (Institute for Environmental Studies).

Temples, Tombs and Homicide: Archaeology and Murder in the Land of the Pharaohs; Barbara Mertz, Egyptologist and mystery author; 6:30 p.m.; Harrison Auditorium, Museum; info/reservations: 898-4890 (Museum).

25 Selective RNA Editing and Subunit Assembly of Native Glutamate Receptors; Ralph Puchalski, Monell Chemical Senses Center and pharmacology; noon; Room M100-101, John Morgan Building (Pharmacology).

The Microrheology of Foam and Emulsions; Andrew Kraynik, Sandia National Laboratories; 3:30 p.m.; Rm. 337, Towne Building (Chemical Engineering; Physics).

TBA; Amos Tversky, Stanford; 4 p.m.; Room TBA, Stiteler Hall (Psychology; SAS/Wharton Series).

The Practice of Archaeology and the Making of Place: Jerusalem's New Jewish Quarter; Nadia Abu El Haj, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, SAS; 4 p.m.; Rm. 502, 3440 Market St. (H & SS; SAS Humanities Coordinating Cmte.).

The Japanese Seizure of Korea: A New Look at the Events of 1905; Wayne Patterson, St. Norbert College; 4:30 p.m.; Rm. 103-5, Williams Hall (Center for East Asian Studies).

26 Issues of Cultural Competency and the African-American Adolescent; Peter Vaughn, social work; noon-1 p.m.; Level 1 Multipurpose Room, PCGC (Psychiatry; PCGC; PennMed; Social Work Month Special Presentation).

What Computers Can and Cannot Do; Fan Chung, mathematics; 1 p.m.; the Faculty Club (Penn Women's Club).

Secondary Intellectual's Readers and Readership as Agents in Shaping and Reshaping National Identity in Modern Egypt; Israel Gershoni, Center for Judaic Studies and Tel-Aviv University; 4:30 p.m.; Rm. 421, Williams Hall (Middle East Center).

27 Violating the Red Fort: Ritual Boundaries of Sovereignty in Late Mughal and Early British India; Gail Minault, University of Texas, Austin; 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Classroom 2, Museum (SARS).

The Dissemination of Kabbalah in the Thirteenth Century with Particular Reference to Italy; Moshe Idel, Chicago; noon; 420 Walnut (Center for Judaic Studies).

The Thargelia Reconsidered: Girard, Burkert, Smith; Brad Kirke-gaard, religious studies; 3-5 p.m.; Room 117, Duhring Wing (Religious Studies).

Novel Regulators of Gene Expression During Mesenchymal Differentiation; René St. Arnaud, Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children/McGill University; 4 p.m.; Grossman Auditorium, Wistar Institute (Wistar).

TBA; Anand Kumar, psychiatry and Sam Preston, sociology; 4-5 p.m., Room 202, BRB1 (Institute on Aging).

The Role of Academia in Health Care Policy; Bruce Vladeck, health care financing administration; 4:30-6 p.m.; CPC Auditorium (LDI Center for Health Policy).

On the Studio's Ruins; slide lecture by Jeanne Silverthorne, artist; 6 p.m.; ICA (ICA).

28 Dense Alumina Oxide for Total Hip ReplacementLaboratory Tests and Retrieval Implant Analysis; Laurent Sedel, University of Paris; 11 a.m.; Rm. 337, Towne Building (Bioengineering).

Complex Regulation of Type I and II Collagen Gene Expression During Endochondrol Bone Formation; Sherrill Adams, biochemistry/dental, 12:15-1:30 p.m.; Wood Room, John Morgan Bldg. (Cell & Molecular Bio. Grad. Group).

Musical Transmission and Transnationalism: The Case of the Syrian Jewish Pizmon; Kay Kauffman Shelemay, Harvard; 5 p.m.; Smith-Penniman Room, Houston Hall. (Jewish Studies).

29 Mercury Nephrotoxicity After a Reduction of Renal Mass; Rudolfs Zalups, Mercer University; 12:15-1:45 p.m.; Rm. 213, Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall (Inst. for Environmental Studies).

From the Small to the Large: Considerations on the Conservation of Immovable Cultural Property; Frank Matero, historic preservation; 3-5 p.m.; Rich Seminar Room, Jaffe Building; open to PennCard holders only (Art History).


2 Wharton Physician Leadership Program; registration: 898-4748 (LDI-Wharton Aresty Institute Health Care Executive Management Program).

Cornea Grand Rounds; David Schanzlin, St. Louis University; Continuing Medical Education Program; 8 a.m.-noon; Scheie Eye Institute (Scheie Eye Institute).

3 City into Country: Making French Landscapes; with speakers from French and American universities and Penn on the changing definitions of city and country in the 19th through 20th century as shown in art, landscape architecture, gardening and literature; in conjunction with Arthur Ross Gallery exhibit; 1-5:30 p.m.; Penn Tower Hotel; info: 573-3550 (French Institute) . Continues 9 a.m.-8:30 p.m., Mar. 4; 9 a.m.-12:20 p.m., Mar. 5.

5 Advanced Management Education Conference; Steinberg Conference Center; registration: 898-4748 (LDI-Wharton Aresty Institute Health Care Exec. Management Prog.). Through Mar. 8.

6 Black Writing: A Critical Dialogue; participants include Houston A. Baker, Jr., Center for the Study of Black Literature and Culture and Lorene Cary, author of Black Ice and The Price of a Child; Mosaic of Black Writing Program; 4:30 p.m.; Room 109; Annenberg School (Afro-American Studies).

30 Feline Symposium; moderator: Joan Hendricks, medicine/clinical studies-vet; presenters: Richard Gebhardt, Andreas Hasler, David Knight, Petra Roosje, Karin Sorenmo; 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; info/registration: 898-8862; $45 (Vet Hospital).

Graduate Student Colloquium in French, Hispanic & Italian Literatures & Romance Philology; presentations by American and Canadian grad students; 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Bodek Lounge, Rm. 301, Ben Franklin, Smith-Penniman and Bishop White Rooms, Houston Hall; info: 898-7429 (Grad Romanic Ass'n).

31 Management Development for Physician Executives; registration/info: 898-4748 (LDI; Aresty Inst. Health Care Exec. Management Prog.). Through April 4.


Buddhist Meditation Practice; meet 1-2 p.m., Wednesdays; Christian Association Chapel. Through May 8.

English Grammar and Conversation for International Students; free tutoring session: 3-4 p.m., Wednesdays; info: 222-6844 (English Tutoring Center of America).

English Language Programs Evening Course Registration; classes meet 6-8:30 p.m.; Conversation; Mon. and Weds., March 25-April 24.; TOEFL Preparation; Tues. and Thurs., March 26-April 25; Business Writing; Thurs., March 28-April 25; $290/twice-a-week classes, $145/once-a-week class ($10 fee for late registrants); info: 898-8681.

Ice Skating; public skating: Mon. and Wed., 4-6 p.m.; Tues., 6-8 p.m.; Thurs., 5:30-7:30 p.m.; Fri., 8-10 p.m.; Sat., 12:30-2:30 p.m., 8-10 p.m.; midnight-2 a.m.; Sun., 12:30-2:30 p.m.; $5, $3.50/with PennCard, $1.50/skate rental; figure skating: patch: M-F, 12-12:45 p.m.; freestyle: M-F, 12:45-1:30 p.m.; $5/session, $8/both; 1923 Rink; 898-1923. Open through April 7.

Jazzercise; 5:30-6:30 p.m.; Mon., Tues. and Thurs.; Philadelphia Child Guidance Ctr.; first class free; $3.50/class, $2.50/students; Carolyn Hamilton, 662-3293 (days), 446-1983 (evenings).

Penn Council for Relationships Therapy Groups; info: 382-6680.

Quaker Worship Group; noon; Christian Association Auditorium. Wednesdays.

Recreation Class Registration; swimming, water safety instruction, aerobics (regular, step, and water) squash, tennis, dance (ballroom, jazz, modern, and Latin), yoga, scuba, self defense, karate, nutrition and fitness, First Aid and CPR; 5-week class: $35, $20/students; 10-week: $70, $40/students; Gimbel or Hutchinson Gym; PennCard or Recreation ID required; 898-6100. Registration throughout year.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation; 11 a.m.; Franklin Room, Houston Hall; info: 602-8680 or 259-8932. Sundays.

5 Conversations on Contemporary Art; ICA; $50/ICA members & PENNcard holders, $65/non-members; info: 898-7108 (ICA). Weekly through April 9.

7 Bridging the Gap; slide presentation and tour of Silverthorne and Hill exhibits by Rita Rashkind, curator; 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; ICA; $1/senior citizens, free/ICA members & volunteers; info., 898-7108 (ICA).

The Lessons Our Children Need Before Leaving Home: How to Give Our Children Roots and Wings; Marilyn Kraut, Quality of Worklife Program; noon-1 p.m.; Bishop White Room, Houston Hall (Human Re sources/QOWL).

11 Home Buying Seminar; noon and 1 p.m.; 720 Franklin Bldg.; info and reservations: 898-7256 (Treasurer). Repeated March 13, 14, 15, 25, 27, 28.


Faculty/Staff Assistance Program noon workshops; Houston Hall; info: 898-7910.

Surviving Divorce and Separation; call for details.

5 Caregivers. Every first Tuesday.

6 Sobriety Group. Every Wednesday.

11 The Role of Spirituality in Maintaining Psychological Health; Kevin Damitz, MSW.

12 Grief Recovery: Moving Beyond Loss; Mae Page, CHOP.

28 Issues of Single Parenting; presented by Sandra Soll, MSW and Jose Rendon, MSW.

College of General Studies

Special Programs; unless noted, classes meet weekly at 6:30-8:30 p.m.; registration/information: 898-6479.

2 Power Speaking; 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; $120.

4 Internet Workshop for Fund Raisers; 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; $135, $125/FRCP.

Blues in the Night; $75. Through March 25.

Personal Financial Planning; $145 (includes text). Through April 8.

Wines of California; 6:30-9 p.m.; $140. Through March 18.

5 Writing from Personal Experience; 1-3 p.m.; $150. Through April 23.

6 Eight Great Short Stories; $60. Through March 20.

Putting Your Mission to Work; $160, $145/FRCP. Through April 17 (omit April 3).

7 The Archaeology of Jerusalem From King David to Sultan Suleiman; $80, $70/Museum members. Through March 28.

Getting Your News Out: Case Studies in Public Relations; $160, $145/FRCP. Through April 18 (omit April 4).

The Middle East After the Cold War; 7-9 p.m.; $95. Through April 18 (omit April 4).

9 Interior Design: Expressing Your Own Style; 10 a.m.-1 p.m.; $120 (includes Philadelphia Museum of Art entrance fee). Continues March 23 and 30.

11 In the Chef's Kitchen; 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; $50/session. Continues Apr. 15.

16 Gardening in Small Spaces; 10 a.m.-noon; $25.

18 Becoming a Consultant; 6:30-9 p.m.; $150. Through April 1.

Grantsmanship: Developing Winning Proposals; 5-7 p.m.; $160, $145/FRCP. Through April 22. Second section meets Wednesdays, March 20-May 1 (omit April 3).

19 Planned Giving; $140, $125/FRCP. Through April 9.

Triumphalism and Display: Art and Culture in Baroque Rome; $60. Through April 2.

21 Discovering Your Own Photographic Style; $125. Through May 2 (omit Apr. 4).

Writing for the Children's Market; $150. Through May 16 (omit April 4).

22 Words At Work; 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; $85. Continues March 29.

23 Raising Money From Individuals; 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; $120, $110/FRCP.

25 In the Chef's Kitchen; 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; $50/session. Continues May 6.

30 Outdoor Container Gardening; 10 a.m.-noon; $25.

This month at the Burrison Gallery: two Penn and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Graduates exhibit.

At left: Market Day in St. Remy by Elaine Moynihan Lisle reflects the local color and scenery of her recent trip to Provence. Other oil paintings shown include Philadelphia cityscapes.

At right: Nancy Bea Miller, an award-winning figure and portraiture painter as well as a cartoonist, displays traditional paintings, including Still Life with Home Grown Sunflowers.


3601 Locust Walk Philadelphia, PA 19104-6224
(215) 898-5274 or 5275 FAX 898-9137

Unless otherwise noted all events are open to the general public as well as to members of the University. For building locations, call 898-5000 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Listing of a phone number normally means tickets, reservations or registration required.

This March calendar is a pullout for posting. Almanac carries an Update with additions, changes and cancellations if received by Monday noon prior to the week of publication. Members of the University may send notices for the Update or April at Penn calendar.


February 27, 1996
Volume 42 Number 22

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