V I S I O N on View

Penn is one of the eight local institutions hosting an exhibit called VISION at the Franklin Institute, where the range is from antique eyeglasses to state-of-the art displays and hands-on activities demonstrating how vision works: how the eye focuses light, how color and motion are perceived, and how the brain processes visual information into a meaningful picture.

VISION is a traveling exhibit, stopping at the Franklin Institute through March 22 as part of a 20-city tour that will take about three years. Its originator is the National Eye Institute (the federal government's primary agency for vision research) and the occasion is the 25th anniversary of the agency. The Franklin Institute Science Museum is located at 20th and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and is open daily 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For information about Penn's role: Gweneth D. George, Vision Research Center, PennMed, 898-9695.


February 20, 1996
Volume 42 Number 21

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