A-3s of the Month(s)

In the A-3 Assembly's Recognition Program

January's Dave Taylor of Housekeeping . . .

January's A-3 Employee of the Month is Dave Taylor, a member of the University's housekeeping department for 27 years. Before he came to Penn, Mr. Taylor worked at a factory.

Starting as a floor man at the Law School, Mr. Taylor was transferred to several other buildings, including the Franklin Building, Nichols House, High Rise North, Dental School, Veterinary School and the Medical School. He returned to the Law School as a housekeeper three-and-a-half years ago.

According to the School's building administrator, Cass Lavan, Mr. Taylor is a dedicated worker: "no job is too small or too big for him," say his nominations. "He is always quick to help out with special projects." "He has a wonderful sense of humor which is appreciated by all." "He is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan." And, "Mr. Taylor is proud to be very involved in his community, offering his expertise to his neighbors and assisting with home repairs."

February's Christine Chapman of the VHUP

Christine Chapman, February's A-3 Employee of the Month, is an animal care technologist and animal health technician in University Laboratory Animal Resources at the Veterinary Hospital--already an award-winner in her post, and someone who, as her supervisor David Merrill puts it, "always puts the animals first." Ms. Chapman is ready to pick up any slack when staff are unexpectedly absent. She even volunteered to produce a ULAR newsletter to increase the level of communication among the different areas of the department.

In her capacity as the sponsor of the Morale Team, she was responsible for taking minutes of meetings and has often offered timely suggestions to benefit the ULAR staff. Recently, Ms. Chapman was honored with the title of ULAR Animal Care Technician of the Year 1995. Outside her work, she is the proud mother of two teenage sons. Her hobbies include bonsai, breeding Italian Greyhounds, and collecting pewter dragons.

-- From the A-3 Assembly Employee Recognition Committee

Photographs by Dwight Luckey


February 20, 1996
Volume 42 Number 21

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