University Council: by February 26

The University Council's Committee on Committees issues this week its annual call for volunteers and nominations to serve on key all- University Committees of Council and some Independent Committees of the University.

Nominations are requested by February 26.

On page 15 of this issue is a detailed description of each of the committees for which volunteers or nominations are in order.

Women of Color: Now

A Reminder to the Penn Community:

Please submit your nominations for the Women of Color Awards Luncheon, which will be held on Friday, March 1, 1996. For further information regarding nominations, please contact Sharon Smith at 898- 1446.

Tickets are available for the Women of Color Awards Luncheon. Call Melvis Williams at 898-6993 to purchase your tickets.

-- Delores Magobet, Chair,
Women of Color Planning Committee

AWFA Awards: by March 1

With a deadline of March 1, the Association of Women Faculty and Administrators is soliciting nominations for the following awards:

The Leonore Rowe Williams Award, named in honor of the wife of former provost Edwin B. Williams, given to a distinguished female scholar or leader whose contributions extend within and beyond our campus.

The Alice Paul Awards, named for the suffragist leader and SSW alumna who founded the National Women's Party and authored the Equal Rights Amendment, awarded to students, regardless of gender, who have demonstrated outstanding service to women in the Penn community.

The Robert E. Davies Award, named for the late feminist and distinguished Penn scholar, recognizes any individual(s) for their work for social change.

Nominations should be sent to me (Dr. Yvonne Paterson, professor of microbiology, 1033 Blockley Hall/6076) by March 1. Letters should include

  1. Nominee's name, school, position, address and telephone number.

  2. The nature of the nominee's achievement and why it is extraordinary.

  3. Your name, position, campus address and telephone number.

The award will be announced at the annual AWFA breakfast in April.

--Yvonne Paterson, President,
Association of Women Faculty and Administrators


February 13, 1996
Volume 42 Number 20

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