Two 'Not Guilty' in Moez Death

At presstime Monday, Philadelphia radio stations were reporting that a jury has found Anthony Archer and Gregory Pennington not guilty of the murder of graduate student Moez Alimohamed in August 1994. Both teenagers were found guilty of robbery, conspiracy and other charges.

They were the last of five young men arraigned shortly after the crime. One has been convicted as a juvenile, and two await sentencing after plea-bargaining. For Dr. Wolfgang Ziller's Web reports on the trial since last November, see http://www.math.upen n.edu/~wziller/moez.html.

Humanities Proposals: May 1

Each year the Humanities Coordinating Committee of the School of Arts and Sciences dispenses funds to make possible Faculty Seminars in the Humanities. Funding requests for 1996-97 are now invited. Preference will be given to University of Pennsylvania-based faculty seminars and groups that do not have access to other sources of funding. These funds are not meant to replace or supplement normal budgets for departmental colloquia.

To qualify, each application should include:

  1. a description of the seminar's purpose and how it is both interdisciplinary and humanistic;

  2. a list of faculty participants;

  3. an outline of the proposed program for 1996-97;

  4. a statement on any other funding sources (and amounts) available to the seminar;

  5. a detailed outline of the seminar budget

Please note: a detailed budget proposal is required. The available funds will be divided evenly among those seminars that are approved. Judging from past years, allocations are anticipated to fall in the range of $800 to $900 per seminar. Funds are normally for payment of honoraria and travel expenses for outside speakers, refreshments following lectures, and related publicity costs. Proposals should be received in 16 College Hall/6378 (Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences) by Wednesday, May 1, 1996. For more information call: Tracey Cheek, 898- 7156.


On the front page of the February 6 issue, the SEAS student identified as James Au is James Tau, and the photograph is by Stuart Watson.

On page 8, under Updating Your Record, the procedure begins with choosing Update Your Record, not "Add Yourself to the...Database."

On the back cover: the le Ricolais exhibition goes to Lausanne, not Lucerne; and a typographical error in the last paragraph awarded the Cret chair to Professor twenty years early: He became the Cret Professor


February 13, 1996
Volume 42 Number 20

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