Speaking Out

The Price of Loyalty

I wish to inform the University community that as of August 15, employees that are on grants will no longer be able to collect severance pay. Also, notice of termination has been decreased from two months to one month.

Where is that equity that the University claims it wants to provide to the employees? Is it equitable that loyal University employees who have worked for decades on grants that bring in monies to the University to pay other employees their benefits get nothing? Where is the University administrator's humanity? Is it humane that employees that have worked for one professor for 20 years be told one month before that there is no job for them and they receive no severance pay?

At least, before August 15 a monthly-paid employee of 20 years received 60 calendar days of paid continuation and two months' notice. If the University can divide its employees and financially discriminate one set of people, what will be next?

It would be equitable and just to establish benefits for all long-term University employees regardless of funding sources.

--Andrea Weissberg
Research Specialist