The following faculty members' research projects were funded from the University's internal Research Foundation in the fall round. Proposals are due March 15 for the spring round 1996; please see Almanac January 30 for guidelines on applying.

Research Foundation:
Awards in the Fall Cycle 1995

Sherrill Adams and Hyun-Duck Nah, Biochemistry, Dental Medicine; Control of a2(I) Collagen Production in Cartilage.

Kurt Barnhart, et al., Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medicine; A Pilot Investigation of the Effect of the Replacement of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in Symptomatic Perimenopausal Women.

Haim Bau and Howard Hu, Mechanical Engineering, SEAS and Don Voet, Chemistry, SAS; Macromolecular Crystal Growth.

Regina Bendix, Folklore and Folklife, SAS; Strategies of Cultural Commodification in Carinthia, Austria.

Eugene Buckley, Linguistics, SAS; Alsea Texts Project.

Simon Carding, Microbiology, Medicine; Regulation of Hematopoiesis and Stromal Cell Function by Interleukin-2.

Robert DeRubeis, Psychology, SAS; Cognitive Therapy and Pharmacotherapy for Depression.

Daniel Deudney, Political Science, SAS; The Problem of Identity and Community in Republican Political Orders.

Arthur Dunham, Biology, SAS; Feeding Rates and Net Assimilated Energy of Iguanid Lizards Measured by Turnover of Stable Carbon Iso topes.

Joseph Ecker, Biology, SAS; An Arabidopsis Thaliana Genome Sequencing Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sydney Evans, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; Does Hypoxic Radioresistance Develop in Human Breast Xenografts Following Tamoxifen Administration?

John Fantuo, Graduate Education; Quality Measures for Quality Practices: Towards a More Inclusive Knowledge Base of Family Functioning in Head Start.

Loretta Flanagan-Cato, Psychology, SAS; Molecular Cloning of Brain Oxytocin Receptors.

Jonathan Fox, Medicine, Medicine; Autocrine FGF Signaling, Cell Cycle Regulation, and Apoptosis in Vascular Smooth Muscle.

Fred Frankel, Microbiology, Medicine; Developing a Safe, Live Vaccine for HIV.

Anthony Garito, Physics, SAS; Fabrication Facility for Gigabit Plastic Optical Fiber.

Tom Genetta, Medicine, Medicine; Developmental Expression and Functional Characterization of the Transcriptional Repressor MEB1.

Robert Giegengack, Geology, SAS; Quaternary Stratigraphy of Lake Balat, Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt.

Robert Giegengack, Geology, SAS; Assessment of the Genetic Diversity of an Isolated Population of the African Cheetah (Acinonyx Jubatus) in the Quattara Depression, Egypt, and Study of the Circumstances of Isolation of that Population.

Michael Glick, Oral Medicine, Dental Medicine and Francisco Gonzalez-Scarano, Neurology, Medicine; Biopsy of Lingual Lymph Nodes for Analysis of Viral Load.

Kristin Gowin, Medicine, Medicine; Fibromyalgia: Its Prevalence in the Geriatric Population and Association with Co-Morbid Illnesses.

Renata Holod, History of Art, SAS; Archaeological Survey of the Island of Jerba, Tunisia.

Olena Jacenko, Animal Biology, Veterinary Medicine; Molecular Mechanisms of Endochondral Skeletogenesis.

Jerry Jacobs, Sociology, SAS; Gender and the College Curriculum: Trends During the 1970s and 1980s.

Abbas Jawad, et al., Pediatrics, Medicine; Cholesterol Education for At-Risk Children: Secondary Analyses.

Thomas Jongens, Genetics, Medicine; The Establishment of the Germ Cell Lineage in Drosophila.

Malek Kamoun, Pathology & Lab Medicine, Medicine; Identification of Novel Intracellular Proteins Linking Signal Transduction to RNA Pro cessing.

Patrick Kehoe, Economics, SAS; The Poverty of Nations: A Quantitative Exploration.

Daniel Kessler, Cell & Developmental Biology, Medicine; Gastrointestinal Development: Induction and Patterning of Endodermal Lineages in Xenopus laevis.

Dusan Kocovic, Medicine, Medicine; Radiofrequency Ablation Maze Procedure for the Treatment of A Trial Fibrillation at the Time of Open Heart Surgery in the Dog Model.

Leszek Kubin, Animal Biology, Veterinary Medicine; Serotonin Receptor Expression in Brainstem Motoneurons.

Cecilia Lo, Biology, SAS; Transgenic Analysis of Gap Junction Gene Function and Regulations.

Elwyn Loh, Medicine, Medicine; DNA-Based Vaccine Against Cervical Cancer.

Patrick Loll, Pharmacology, Medicine; Crystallization of the E5 Oncoprotein.

Edward Lusk, Statistics, The Wharton School; The Use of Color as a Literary Mechanism in "La Modification."

Anuradha Mathur, Landscape Architecture, GSFA; The Mississippi FloodsMapping a Shifting Terrain.

Antonio McDaniel, Sociology, SAS; Interracial Marriage and Births.

Patrick McGovern and Stuart Fleming, Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology, MASCA; Organic Content Analysis of Ancient Vessels: Spectrometer Upgrade.

Stuart Meyers, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; Sperm-Associated Hyaluronidase Function in the Stallion.

Roy Middleton, Physics, SAS; Interim Support for Personnel Required for Sample Preparation for the University of Pennsylvania's Accelera tor Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Facility.

Cynthia Otto, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; The Effects of Tolerance on Differential Gene Expression in Macrophages.

Debkumar Pain, Physiology, Medicine; Electrophysiology of the Mitochondrial Protein Import Machinery.

David Perkel, Neuroscience, Medicine; Effects of Altered Vocal Production on Song Learning in Songbirds.

Hermann Pfefferkorn, Geology, SAS; Global Paleoclimate Changes at Greenhouse-Ice Age-Greenhouse Transitions: Late Paleozoic Fossil Floras from the Canadian Arctic.

Stephen Phipps, Geology, SAS; Opitcal and Electron-Beam Analysis of Micro-Thin Sections of Rocks from Plate Convergence Zones.

James Primosch, Music, SAS; A Recording of Four Musical Compositions.

Srinivas Rajagopal, Systems Engineering, SEAS; Congestion Control in High Speed Networks Via Fluid Models.

Andrew Rappe, Chemistry, SAS; Theoretical Mechanistic Modeling of Inorganic Pyrophosphatase.

Michael Reisch, Social Work; Assessing the Development of the Non-Governmental Social Services in Bulgaria: A Case Study of the Implica tions of the Shift to a Market Economy on Societal Responses to Human Needs.

Robert Riddle, Cell & Developmental Biology, Medicine; Molecular Basis of Dorsoventral Pattern in the Vertebrate Limb.

Bruce Rosengard, Surgery, Medicine; Two-Way Cell Trafficking and Microchimerism: Mechanisms of Rejection and Tolerance in Response to Solid Organ and Cellular Transplants.

Thomas Safley, History, SAS; Children at the Edge: Expectation and Experience Among the Orphans of Early Modern Augsburg.

Randall Sakai, Animal Biology, Veterinary Medicine; Social Stress: Neuroendocrine and Neurochemical Correlates.

Gerhard Schad, Pathobiology, Veterinary Medicine; The Role of Chemosensory Neurons in Host-Finding and Development of Parasitic Nema todes: Laser Microbeam Ablation Studies.

Richard Schultz, Biology, SAS; Request for Funds to Purchase Beckman LS6500 Value Scintillation System.

Neil Shubin, Biology, SAS; Isotopic Approaches to the Early Evolution of Modern Vertebrates.

David Silverman, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, SAS; 1996 Season: University of Pennsylvania Museum Expedition to Saqqara.

Gary Smith, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; A Sustainable, Community Approach to the Control of Hydatid Disease in Northwest Turkana, Kenya.

J. Smith, Computer & Information Science, SEAS, and P. Keener and H. Williams, Physics, SAS; Characterizing the Fibre Channel Interconnect Technology for Event Building: A Collaboration Between the Depts. of Computer and Information Science and Physics.

W. John Smith, Biology, SAS; Monitoring Avian Demography in Endangered Malaysian Ecosystems.

Hansell Stedman, Surgery, Medicine; Can Muscular Dystrophy be Reversed with Existing Genetic Technologies?

Kathleen Sullivan, Pediatrics, Medicine; Early Complement Component Expression in SLE.

Yoshitaka Suyama, Biology, SAS; Mitochondrial Receptors for the Protein and tRNA Import Machinery in Leishmania tarentolae.

Hung Tseng, Dermatology, Medicine; Is Basonuclin a Regulator of Cellular Proliferative Potential.

Elizabeth Wilder, Cell & Developmental Biology, Medicine; Motional Imaging in Turbid Media with Diffusing Near Infrared Light Fields.

Konrad Zinsmaier, Neuroscience, Medicine; Analysis of Depolarization-Dependent Neurotransmitter Release in Drosophila Mutants.


February 6, 1996

Volume 42 Number 19

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