Honor Council for 1996

Last July, Provost Stanley Chodorow announced the establishment of a student Honor Council of 13 undergraduates to advise him on matters pertaining to academic integrity, and to "strive to promote academic honesty throughout the University" (Almanac July 18). New members and a new chair have been selected for the year 1996. They are:

Justin Shellaway, Chair, Col '97
Damon Clemow, Col '97
Steven Friedman, Col '98
Sarah Garlinghouse, Col '98
Mark Hershenson, Col '99
Katherine Koppman, Col '97
Miriam Levitin, Wh '97
Jordan Matusow, Col '98
Daniel Orr, Col '98
Christina Park, Col '98
Reid Schneider, Col '98
Jeffrey Snyder, Wh '99
Koy Thanaporn, EAS '96


February 6, 1996

Volume 42 Number 19

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