faculty club exhibit: landscape transformation

Faculty Club Exhibit:
Landscape Transformation

Environmental art by two Penn graduates is on display through
February 2 at the Burrison Art Gallery in the Faculty Club.

Kathryn Kester Lundgren earned her master's in landscape
architecture in 1983. In 1988 she was awarded first prize for her
entry in the design competition for Philadelphia's Penn Square and
City Hall. She was commissioned to illustrate numerous technical
publications including the 1996 National Park Service publication
"Managing Our Rivers, Volume 2." She has since prepared comprehensive
Park Development Master Plans for Fort Delaware State Park on Pea Patch
Island and for Deer Park Church Camp Grounds in New Hope.

Adam Kuby, who earned a B.A. in environmental studies at Penn
in 1983, also took an M.F.A. in sculpture in 1992 at the University
of North Carolina. His environmental designs and sculpture have generated
a number of commissions, grants and distinguished awards in Florida,
North Carolina, New York City and Philadelphia. He is presently a
consultant to the Bronx Zoo, working on a major design project, a new
African Congo Gorilla Habitat Exhibit.--M.F.M.

Above: Lundgren's View of Desert Garden.

At left: Kuby's Cliff Dwelling, which in the Faculty Club show
is accompanied by text explaining how to integrate wildlife habitat
and urban architecture.

January 30, 1996
Volume 42, Number 18

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