Reorganizing Top Posts in Public Safety

Reorganizing Top Posts in Public Safety

Managing Director of Public Safety Thomas Seamon has reorganized the top command in his department "to more effectively manage both daily patrol operations and systems development, which includes training and professional development, information systems management, and communications technologies," he said.

The changes are effective February 1.

Two new positions have been created, reporting directly to Mr. Seamon--Director of Operations, and Director of Administration-- and the position of Chief of Police has been phased out.

Maureen Rush (at left), now director of victim support and special services, becomes Director of Operations. In that role, she will oversee all day- to-day operations of Penn's police force, which includes both the patrol and investigative operations.

George Clisby (at left), currently chief of police, becomes Director of Administration. "His experience at the operational level, coupled with his administrative abilities, make him the perfect choice to assist me in making needed strategic changes," Mr. Seamon said.

Mr. Clisby will oversee all administrative and communication personnel, which includes corporals and civilian dispatchers. He will also oversee all training and professional development programs; major systems changes, such as development of a new computerized information and record system; and the Division's initiative to receive national accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

"This is a fairly standard structure for police departments," said Mr. Seamon, who came to Penn four months ago after more than 25 years in the Philadelphia Police Department. "After close examination, I realized it was impossible for one person to effectively command administrative and strategic projects, as well as supervise the daily operations."

"We are particularly fortunate to have two such talented people as George and Maureen to step into these positions. They have both done excellent jobs and will continue to be an integral part of my management team. This will give us depth of coverage as each is superbly qualified to command the department in the absence of the other."

Mr. Seamon said that a search will be launched for a new Director of Special Services. In the interim, Lt. Susan Holmes will assume daily control of that division, reporting to Ms. Rush.

--From a News & Public Affairs
release by Phyllis Holtzman