Vice President...

At Friday's stated meeting of the Trustees, the President's Chief of Staff Stephen D. Schutt (at left) was promoted to Vice President and Chief of Staff. Mr. Schutt, a Penn Law alumnus, was chief of staff for former U.S. Senator Harris Wofford before joining Dr. Rodin's staff in 1994- 95.

...Ms. Morse to Middle States...

Jean Avnet Morse of the President's staff has left to become Executive Director of Middle States Association of Higher Education. An attorney and longtime academic administrator in The College, Ms. Morse succeeds Dr. Howard Simmons as head of the region's key accrediting body for colleges and universities, heading a 16-member staff located at the Science Center. "The Commission has selected the ideal executive director to respond to the interesting issues confronting accreditation," said Dr. Rodin. "As my deputy Jean has been creative and dedicated, a trusted and valued colleague."

...and Ms. Baldino as Staff Writer

Jennifer Baldino, a member of the PennMed Public Affairs Office for the past four years, has replaced Jeffrey Hartman as staff writer/assistant. She is a 1991 graduate of Temple, in journalism, and former member of the staff of Philadelphia's weekly Welcomat.