Friends of Moez: The Trials

Proceedings against the five teen-agers arraigned in the death of graduate student Moez Alimohamed are being reported daily on the Penn Web by Professor Wolfgang Ziller of mathematics.

According to Dr. Ziller's dispatches one defendent, Khaalis Edmondson, has been tried in juvenile court and convicted of murder in the second degree plus seven other charges; those convicted in juvenile court are normally freed at 21.

A second defendent, Gregory Pennington, has petitioned to be decertified (tried as a juvenile) but the state is proceeding with procedures for trial as an adult while a decision is pending.

The state began by asking the death penalty for three of the five-- Antoine Saunders, Ollie Taylor, and Antony Archer. Both Saunders and Taylor have since pleaded guilty to charges including murder in the first degree (which automatically carries a sentence of life imprisonment without parole, but obviates the death penalty). Pending any withdrawal of the plea agreement on either side, they are scheduled for formal sentencing in March.

At presstime it was expected that a trial would begin this week for Archer and Pennington--or potentially two trials if Pennington is decertified. Dr. Ziller has urged that members of the University attend the trial. He has details of transportation available, as well as significantly more detail about the proceedings to date, at