The following has been sent by the Council of Undergraduate Deans to all faculty.

Funding for New Undergraduate Courses Across School Lines

One goal of the 21st Century initiative is the development of new interdisciplinary undergraduate programs. We are especially eager to encourage programs that open opportunities for undergraduates that cross school boundaries. The intention is to use more fully Penn's resources in the service of undergraduate programs.

For that reason, we invite proposals for new courses that bring together faculty from multiple disciplines and multiple schools. We are particularly interested in courses that might eventually serve as a focus for an organized set of offerings constituting a minor program.

Proposals should include, in addition to a course description and brief syllabus, a discussion of its relation to existing courses, a view of how it might help generate a minor program, and an indication of the demand for the course. It should also identify those faculty who are willing to participate in the construction and teaching of the course, as well as a larger list of faculty who have expressed interest in a broader program.

Funding will be provided to help with the initial construction of these courses. Requests may be made for release time for course development, graduate assistance in course construction and for teaching assistance the first term the course is offered, some equipment and supplies. The goal of funding is to support course development, not to provide money for the ongoing routine expenses of instruction. The maximum amount awarded will be $15,000.

Courses that prove to be successful, will be eligible for additional funding to assist in their expansion into a broader program.

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of their intellectual coherence, the degree to which they enrich the undergraduate curriculum in ways that draw on multiple disciplines, and their promise for growth into a minor program.

Proposals should be submitted by March 1 to the attention of the Council of Undergraduate Deans, Office of the Provost, 110 College Hall/6303.

-- Stanley Chodorow, Provost