Crime Alert: Theft of Computers

Recently, this department has received information regarding a group of schools and small businesses in the Greater Philadelphia area who have been the victims of computer thefts. In each case, it is believed that the institutions had taken from them a large number of computers, and that the computers were removed from the crime scenes in a truck. During one of these incidents, it is believed that the suspects threw older equipment out of the truck to secure space for more valuable equipment.

You can aid the Penn Police in this investigation by:

Computer Safety Tips

Prepared by: Officer Paul Misner, #133

Crime Alert: Thefts from Auto

Recently, there have been numerous thefts from auto reported to the Penn Police Department. In particular, the vast majority of these thefts have occurred east of 38th Street. Entry to said vehicles was gained by breaking a window. The most common items taken from these vehicles include: car or cellular phones, audio cassettes and electronic equipment.

If you have any information concerning these incidents, please contact one of the below-listed telephone numbers.

Safety Tips

Help the Penn Police Department and the Department of Transportation help you by taking the following safety precautions:

Important Telephone Numbers:

Penn Police 898-7297
Penn Detectives 898-4485
Victim Support 898-4481 // 6600

Prepared by: Lt. Susan M. Holmes #12<