Almanac Volume 42 Number 16 January 9/16, 1996

University of Pennsylvania



January 9/16, 1996

Volume 42 Number 16

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Houston Hall was named for a very young man--Henry Howard Houston, Jr., Class of 1878. His trustee father and his mother, Sallie S. Houston, set a high value on the extracurricular in college life, and when their son died in the spring of 1879 (in Rome, from complications associated with typhoid fever), their gift to his memory was to help create the nation's first student union. The young Houston's portrait (detail above) now hangs in Bodek Lounge. At right: a gargoyle from the north facade.


MLK Memorial: Expanded Schedule and Release Time Notice;
Reception for Rev. Johnson; Search for Vice Provost Research;
Nominations of Women of Color; Death of Mrs. Wofford, Dr. Live, Mr. Rocktashel, Memorial for Drs. Flower and Solomon

Celebrations of Houston Hall and Founder's Weekend

SENATE: SEC Actions 12/13/95; Call for Nominations;
Dean's Statement on $30 Million Settlement in Medicare Case

Compass Features:

SNOWCARE: A New Child Care Program for Bad-Weather Days (link no longer available)
Phonebook Corrections by Jan. 23;
PFSNI Listserver; Update and Deadlines

CrimeStats; Emergency Closing Reminder;
Cocaine and Smoking Treatment; Safer Sex Awareness Month

Welcome Back: Dr. Rodin on the Agenda for Excellence