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Equity in Sports Information

On November 7, the day Almanac included the story "Celebrating the Title IX Settlement," I received my second copy of the sales brochure for the Penn men's basketball team. Today I received my third. Yet not once have I ever been sent even the schedule, let alone ticket sales information, about the women's basketball team, or any other women's team, without calling the department and asking for it.

If this University and the Athletics Department are indeed committed to equity in men's and women's sports, perhaps this is one area where you need to examine your policies. Would it really be so difficult to include schedules and ticket packages for both teams in the same brochure? You can't expect to build support for women's athletics if nobody knows when the team is on the court.

-- Dana B. Lobell, ASC'85, Staff Writer
Wharton Development Communications

Mr. Bilsky was away on University business when Almanac called for a response. Fran Connors, Assistant Athletic Director, provided the following in his absence:

We are looking into producing a joint ticket brochure for men's and women's basketball. To generate awareness for Penn athletic events, including women's basketball, we publish composite schedules that are placed in high traffic areas on campus. The schedules also appear in several publications including Almanac, The Daily Pennsylvanian and Penn Sport. The new gender equity committee set up by Athletic Director Steve Bilsky will address these issues.


Tuesday, December 5, 1995
Volume 42 Number 14

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