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Art Closer to Home

What a surprise to read in Almanac [October 10] that the cover illustration of the University of Pennsylvania's campus directory is by someone with no connection to Penn! Perhaps I should say, no educational connection to Penn.

I would like to point out that Penn has a large and prestigious Department of Fine Arts. The roster of faculty, visiting critics, and alumni is cross-listed with every major art museum in the world. Many of these artists and students would be happy to work with the Publications Services of Penn. It is a disappointment that you chose to go elsewhere for your cover art when outstanding artwork is available right here at home!

-- Julie Schneider, Associate Professor of Fine Arts and Undergraduate Chair

Response from Publications

[Almanac sent Professor Schneider's letter to the Publications Office, where the Penn Phone Book is designed each year.]

Thank you for bringing this oversight to my attention. I apologize for not being familiar with the resources available to us through the Department of Fine Arts. Perhaps one of the realities of working in a large, decentralized campus environment is that we sometimes are not aware of all of the capabilities and services available within our own institution.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we may work together in partnership on future projects.

--Carol Meisinger

Director, Publications Services


Tuesday, December 5, 1995
Volume 42 Number 14

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