Crime Alert--Flim Flam

On Thursday, November 30, 1995 at approximately 2 p.m., Penn student was approached by a male who committed a theft commonly known as a "flim flam." In this incident, the actor first telephoned the student at his residence (High Rise East) and identified himself as a member of Alpha Psi Omega fraternity (Howard University, Class of 1960s).

The actor asked to meet the student who then gave the male directions to his residence from Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall. The actor then handed the phone over to an unidentified female who confirmed the directions with the student. Shortly thereafter, the student met the actor in the lobby of High Rise East. There, the actor told the student that he had inadvertently locked his keys (and his briefcase containing all of his money) inside his vehicle and West Philadelphia Locksmith needed $50 up front. The actor also stated that he was staying at the University City Sheraton Hotel and he wrote down his name, room and telephone numbers, handing the piece of paper to the student. The student then withdrew $50 from the automated teller machine (ATM) located in the residence lobby and gave the money to the actor. Later, the student attempted to verify the information given to him by the actor with negative results.

Actors are described as follows:

Black Male, 50 years old, 5'11", 180-200 lbs., dark complexion, mustache, small beard and black hair. Last seen wearing: Long tan overcoat over a grey suit with a multi-colored tie.

Female: No further description available.

Safety Tips:

Penn Police 898-7297

Penn Detectives 898-4485

Victim Support 898-4481 // 6600

--Lt. Susan M. Holmes #12


Tuesday, December 5, 1995
Volume 42 Number 14

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