Penn Treasures Hunt:
The Answers and the Winners

  1. Detail of bronze statue of Ben on the Bench

  2. Detail of Split Button sculpture

  3. Architectural detail at entrance to Fisher Fine Arts Library

  4. Detail of iron window grill at Module 6 Parking Garage

  5. Detail of finial at Jonathan Evans Rhoads Pavilion

  6. Detail of finial of 3905 Wayne Hall, 3905 Spruce

  7. Gate detail at main entrance of the Quadrangle

  8. Bas relief of University Athletic Association, above north entry gate to Franklin Field

  9. Detail of Peace Symbol sculpture

  10. Ornamental Keystone detail over entrance to Towne Building

  11. Detail of sculpture, at Annenberg War Memorial Flagpole

  12. Detail of sculpture, Quadrature #1, in HUP's plaza

  13. Bas relief of University seal on facade of White Training House

  14. Detail of Guardian Lion in the courtyard of the University Museum

  15. Limestone cartouche over entrance to President's House

  16. Detail of window at the Annenberg School for Communication

  17. Detail of fountain at Steinhardt Garden

  18. Ornamental detail of terracotta decoration at Fisher Fine Arts Library

  19. Ornamental detail between main entry doors of Irvine Auditorium

  20. Limestone cartouche on facade of Leidy Labs

  21. Detail of Life Savers sculpture at entrance to Veterinary Hospital

  22. Detail of iron window grill flanking the main entrance at Houston Hall

About the winners...

There was nearly a tie for first place--the first person to correctly identify all 22 photos was William Romanow, a research specialist/lab supervisor at LRSM, who has been at Penn since 1961 when he arrived as a graduate student (he began working here in 1964). Also scoring 100%, but a few hours later, was Arnold Denenstein, a research specialist in Physics who has been at Penn for several decades.

Anu Shrivastava, Col '96--a relative newcomer to the campus-- correctly identified all but one of the photos. Her one miss, #21, fooled several people since its curved line suggested the Calder elephant near GSFA. John Washington, Jr., a Penn Police officer for seven years, identified 20 of the photos correctly but was stumped by #21 and by the iron grill of the 38th and Walnut Street parking garage (which bears a striking resemblance to the Module 5 Utility Building near Blockley Hall--both were designed by the architectural firm of Bower, Lewis, Thrower).

Other winners were Robert McKain, director of contract maintenance in Physical Plant, who is in the 25-Year Club, and Sue Torelli, librarian at the Center for Human Resources at Wharton, at Penn for 12 years. Prizes were also won by Dana Caldwell, Col '96, and Tony Dphaxile King, who works part-time at the Annenberg Center and at HUP.

James R. Mann of Facilities Management generously provided this map (too large to reproduce here) showing the locations of 22 Penn architectural treasures shown in Almanac October 17--in addition to lending us the original photographs taken by Drexel students who interned with his office during the summer of 1995. --Ed.


Tuesday, November 21, 1995
Volume 42 Number 13

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