SEC Actions: November 8, 1995

From the Senate Office

The following statement is published in accordance with the Senate Rules. Among other purposes, the publication of SEC actions is intended to stimulate discussion between the constituencies and their representatives. Please communicate your comments to Senate Chair William Kissick or Executive Assistant Carolyn Burdon, 15 College Hall/6303, 898-6943 or

Actions Taken by the Senate Executive Committee

Wednesday, November 8, 1995

  1. Academic Planning and Budget Committee and Capital Council. Past Chair David Hildebrand reported that the Capital Council had not met since the last SEC meeting. The Council has heard that the University is working to integrate the capital budget with the operating budget, so that investments are coordinated with operating plans.

    He also noted that the Academic Planning and Budget Committee had been working intensively to review, modify, and improve the draft of the University Strategic Plan, and that the President would present the draft plan to SEC at its next meeting.

  2. December SEC Meeting Changed. The Chair amplified the above comments, noting that the President had other, unbreakable commitments for the time of the next scheduled SEC meeting. SEC agreed to reschedule the next meeting to December 13, at which time the President will discuss the plan and accept comments.

  3. Senate Nominating Committee. At the October meeting five faculty received 50% or more of the vote requiring a runoff election for the remaining three positions. At the November meeting a runoff election was conducted for the three vacancies and one SEC member was elected to the committee (see below).

  4. Proposed Revised Judicial Charter. The Provost participated in the protracted SEC discussion on several issues modified by a SEC subcommittee after conversations with the Provost. Consensus was reached on most of the points. The subcommittee was charged to draft a summary of the comments made during the meeting, to try to work out the unresolved points with the Provost, and to keep SEC informed of any problems that arise in the future.

  5. Faculty Members for Council Committee on Committees. SEC voted on a slate of nominees for five faculty to serve on behalf of the Faculty Senate on the University Council Committee on Committees.


Tuesday, November 14, 1995
Volume 42 Number 12

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