Reengineering and Retirement

The University announced last week the retirements of two of its longtime members, Anthony A. Lyle of The Pennsylvania Gazette and George S. Koval of the Office of the Vice Provost for University Life. Mr. Koval's position reportedly will not be filled, as part of the downsizing effort being made through reengineering (more on this retirement next week).

Almanac has reproduced below all of the information made available on Mr. Lyle's retirement.

At left,
the current
(October 1995)
issue of Penn's
alumni journal.
The Gazette
won its third
Sibley Award
this year
(see The Compass
feature in Almanac
June 20, 1995).

Retirement of The Gazette's Tony Lyle

The University of Pennsylvania announced today that Tony Lyle will be retiring after 31 years of service to the University. For most of those years he has been the editor of The Pennsylvania Gazette.

The Gazette is widely regarded as an outstanding alumni magazine with thoughtful articles that stimulate discussion.

"We are exceedingly grateful to Tony for the many fine years he has given to the magazine," said Virginia Clark, vice president for development and alumni relations. "It is a great magazine and Tony was instrumental in making it so."

"The University is committed to ensuring that the Gazette will remain an outstanding alumni magazine," continued Ms. Clark.

"Tony informed us of his retirement plans two months ago and, in the interval, we have begun a search for his successor," said Ms. Clark. "We plan to find the best person possible to follow in Tony's footsteps."

"After 31 years of service to the University and after having achieved the honor of earning the Sibley Award for an outstanding alumni magazine, I feel that it is a good time for me to pursue other interests. I have enjoyed my years at Penn and look forward to another phase of my life," said Mr. Lyle.

"The Gazette is the principal means of communication between the University and the alumni," said Elsie Howard, president of the general alumni society. "In this age of fast-paced information exchange, the Gazette provides the alumni with thoughtful articles and information. We thank Tony for his stewardship, and look forward to continuing the tradition of excellence."

The Gazette is produced eight times a year by the University of Pennsylvania's Alumni Relations Office and is sent to 88,000 undergraduate alumni.

-- Office of News & Public Affairs
November 7, 1995


Tuesday, November 14, 1995
Volume 42 Number 12

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