State of the Federal Budget, and Other Topics for the Research Community

As the U.S. House and Senate passed legislation last week that includes restructure and reduction of federal support for medical care and training at academic medical centers, President Judith Rodin and Trustee Chairman Dr. Roy Vagelos have written to President Clinton and to the Congressional leadership urging them in particular to sustain support already agreed to for the NIH in any final budget agreement. See page 7 for a longer report.

Engineering is afoot in the Research Administration process at Penn. Acting Vice Provost Ralph Amado and ORA Director Anthony Merritt give a progress report and list the key team members in an open letter on page 8.

On pages 5-7, Dr. Janice Madden and Karen Lawrence summarize the proceedings of October's three-day conference of the Association of Graduate Schools. One of the conference topics, post- doctoral education, is also the subject of an AAU survey by USC's Dr. Steven Sample, whose results are reported on pages 20-21.


Tuesday, October 31, 1995
Volume 42 Number 10

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