Research Ethics Lectures

The Center for Bioethics and the Biomedical Graduate Studies will sponsor four-day lecture series by members of the Center for Bioethics in November. All lectures are held from noon to 1 p.m. in Dunlop Auditorium, Stemmler Hall. For more information, contact Maggie Krall, Biomedical Graduate Studies, 898-1030 or krall@

8 Ethical Issues in Research; The History of Research Ethics, Art Caplan; When Something Goes Wrong: Fraud, Conflict of Interest, Whistleblowing, Glenn McGee.

10 Ethical Issues in Science Training; Authorship, Control and Impropriety in the Lab, Mildred Cho; Who Owns My Data? Ethics of the Notebook, Jon Merz.

15 Human and Animal Subjects; Animal Experimentation, Art Caplan; Informed Consent, IRBs, Jon Merz.

17 Ethics of Participation in Research Institutions; Business, Research and You: Technology Transfer, Glen McGee; Cases in Research Ethics: The Future, Art Caplan.


Tuesday, October 31, 1995
Volume 42 Number 10

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