Final Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Selection of a Deputy Provost

The committee was convened on December 5, 1994, and completed its work on January 31, 1995. Members of the Committee were: Richard Dunn, Jeanette and Roy F. Nichols Professor of History, Chair; Patricia Grimes, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology; Daniel Malamud, Professor of Biochemistry, School of Dental Medicine; Ann Mayer, Associate Professor of Legal Studies; Samuel Preston, Professor of Sociology; and John Quinn, Robert D. Bent Professor of Chemical Engineering. Linda Koons, Executive Assistant to the Provost, served as staff to the committee.

Only internal candidates were considered for the position. The committee sought out faculty having a strong record of scholarship; extensive knowledge of the University, its faculty, and its policies and practices; and evidence of administrative ability and experience, particularly with budgeting and academic planning. It solicited nominations from faculty and deans and placed a notice in Almanac. It also reviewed the nominations from the previous search for a Deputy Provost.

The committee received nominations of twelve possible candidates, discussed another possible fourteen, and interviewed the nine faculty who seemed to them the strongest prospects. After completing this process, the committee submitted a list of three men and three women to Provost Stnaley Chodorow from which he subsequently appointed Michael Wachter, Professor of Economics and Law, as Deputy Provost.

-- Richard Dunn, Chair


Tuesday, October 31, 1995
Volume 42 Number 10

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