Two Arrests in Auto Thefts--and Steps Toward Prevention

After a rash of vehicle break-ins and thefts of property from autos parked inside Lot #14 (38th and Spruce Streets, northwest corner), Penn Police made two separate arrests on October 24. Three juvenile males were apprehended at about midnight on the 200 block of S. 38th Street, and an adult male was arrested inside the lot around 9 p.m.

"The Division of Public Safety and the Department of Transportation and Parking are continuing their efforts to alleviate this crime problem," said Maureen Rush, Director of Victim Support and Special Services. "They are especially asking people not to leave their belongings exposed inside a vehicle; to avoid leaving a vehicle parked for prolonged periods; and to report any suspicious activity or persons in or outside a parking lot to Penn Police by calling 573-3333 or 511-- or picking up a Blue Light Phone, which connects automatically with the campus police."

Last week all motorists using Penn lots and garages received this letter on their windshields:

The University is experiencing an increase in property crimes directed primarily at parking lots and garages. This activity includes breaking vehicle windows and removing personal property and items of value.

The Department of Transportation and Parking is working in tandem with the Division of Public Safety to remedy this situation. We have increased patrols throughout Penn's parking lots; additional security personnel are being placed in specific facilities where this activity is the highest; daily inspections are being made to insure that all doors are closing and locking, that security grates and fencing are secure, that lighting is sufficient and that all access control devices are properly functioning. We are also removing illegally parked vehicles and challenging suspicious persons and/or activity in the lots. We need your help, too!

We need your eyes and ears in the parking lots. If you observe unusual activities or unsafe conditions while in a Penn lot or anywhere on campus it is important that you report them by calling Penn Police.

You may also reduce your vehicle's exposure to crime by exercising the following precautionary measures when parking your vehicle:

* close all windows and lock all doors;

* install the "Club" or similar device on the steering wheel; and

* remove all items of value (i.e., clothes, radios, car phones, briefcases, loose change, cigarettes) from view, preferably locking them in the trunk before entering a parking lot or garage.

We need you to be aware and involved in the prevention of crime by diminishing the opportunity for crime to occur.

Robert Furniss
Director, Transportation and Mail Services

George Clisby
Chief, Campus Police


Tuesday, October 31, 1995
Volume 42 Number 10

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