Additional International Resources on Campus

In addition to hosting a large international population and offering formal courses and programs that focus on international themes, Penn offers a rich variety of resources that add to the international dimensions of the campus.

Some recent highlights of the international activities of these centers and institutes include collaborative research involving Penn faculty and New Delhi faculty in a long-term study of the impact of technological change on education and fertility in rural India, which is being carried out through the Center for Advanced Study of India; a project on nursing intervention to prevent AIDS in Chile, through the School of Nursing's Center for Low Birthweight: Prevention and Care; and a Roundtable on International Higher Education considering problems arising in the transition from state control in higher education in Central and East European countries, at the Institute for Research on Higher Education. In addition, in April 1992 Ambassador Jacques Andreani inaugurated the French Institute for Culture and Technology at Penn. Under the direction of Emeritus Professor of Romance Languages Frank Paul Bowman, the French Institute concentrates the ongoing endeavors of disciplines and schools across the University relating to France and francophone countries.

Academic Video Network
Foreign-language programming is now received by the University via the Academic Video Network, established in the fall of 1991 through the Annenberg School for Communication. Currently the School distributes fourteen channels to thirty-two buildings on campus. Six of these channels offer foreign-language programming, including "SCOLA," a channel that broadcasts both live and delayed foreign-language news from around the world, twenty-four hours a day. Live news programs on this channel include broadcasts from Mexico City at 5:45 a.m., from Taipei at 10:00 a.m., from Moscow at 2:00 p.m., from Rome at 2:40 p.m., and from Paris at 4:00 p.m. The channels available on the Academic Video Network are:

2 Bulletin Board
4 Cable News Network (CNN)
5 SCOLA (International News Rebroadcast)
7 C-Span 1 (U.S. House of Representatives)
19 C-Span 2 (U.S. Senate)
20 International Channel
23 Telemundo
24 Univision
27 The Learning Channel
28 Court TV
29 The Discovery Network
30 The Weather Channel

The University's Library System
Penn's international holdings in a number of areas have historically been quite strong. More recently, however, English- language purchases have increased disproportionately as the volume of new publications has outstripped available funding. This development comes at a time when the importance of the foreign language collections is increasing, with a rise in the significance of regional languages in scholarly literature and an increase in the number of international students attending Penn.

As noted in the International Programs Factbook, the weakness of Penn's collections in many foreign area studies and languages can present a serious hindrance to the achievement of the University's international mission. While the University can depend on the Library's historic collections in some areas, there is an urgent need to increase the intake of current foreign language materials in a number of other areas.

In order to address these needs adequately, the University Library's international holdings must receive increased support. In the meantime, revitalization of the Library's collection development program is currently addressing selected areas:

The Library's South Asia bibliographer served as consultant to the Library of Congress' New Delhi Office, to facilitate the selection of appropriate material for Penn and other U.S. research libraries. In addition, the Library has established a number of approval plans to ensure the timely and steady acquisition of vernacular research material in selected language and subject areas.

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January 12, 1993
Volume 39 Number 17

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