Further Resources for International Activities

The Office of International Programs (OIP), under the direction of Joyce Randolph, serves as the general coordinator of the University's international contacts and seeks to promote and assist international activities throughout the University. Activities undertaken by this office include facilitating links with major universities and research centers in other countries; promoting opportunities for international fellowships and grants; promoting and coordinating study abroad programs; providing support services for international students, foreign scholars, and their families; and promoting and coordinating the visits of international guests to the University.

During the 1991-92 year, the OIP took a number of steps to enhance the service it provides to the international community at Penn. OIP offered an expanded orientation program in August and September 1991 for newly arrived international students and scholars. The 1991-92 year marked the first complete year of CHAMP, the Campus Hosting and Mentoring Program for newly arrived international students. Peer hosts were matched with 87 incoming students for individualized orientation activities. In addition, October 1992 saw the implementation of the most sweeping changes in immigration regulations in the last 25 years. These new regulations caused changes in almost every facet of OIP's immigration advising services.

An important component of OIP's efforts to facilitate international interactions at Penn is the International Inventory that is maintained by the office. The International Inventory is a data base that describes Penn's international dimensions through information on demographics, faculty research and expertise, faculty and student exchanges, foreign student enrollment, study abroad by Penn students, and international aspects of curricula at all levels. The inventory includes more than 14,000 entries and is available for planning and other academic purposes. We encourage faculty and departments to utilize this resource, and to facilitate future international program planning efforts by providing us with updated information on their international activities.

To provide information for use in the International Inventory, or for more detailed information about any aspect of the University's international activities, contact Joyce Randolph at the Office of International Programs, 133 Bennett Hall, 6275, 898-4665/1 (e-mail: RANDOLPHJ@A1.RELAY). Readers are also invited to contact members of the Provost's Council on International Programs with their questions and comments about the programs and activities of individual schools.

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January 12, 1993
Volume 39 Number 17

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