Penn's International Dimensions

For over two years, the University of Pennsylvania has been engaged in significant efforts to strengthen its position as an international university. The University's 1990 Five-Year Plan (published in Almanac January 22, 1991) included a number of recommendations for coordinating and facilitating international programs at Penn. Most of the actions specifically recommended in that document have already been implemented: a Provost's Council on International Programs has been in operation since October 1990; foreign language study is being promoted through several avenues; international area studies programs are being strengthened selectively; and undergraduate study abroad programs are being improved both in terms of quality and range of offerings.

In addition to pursuing the recommendations made in the Five-Year Plan, the University has affirmed its commitment to international activities by the establishment in July 1991 of an ad hoc Trustees' Committee on Internationalization, charged with increasing Penn's visibility and recognition as an international institution of higher education and research. During the 1991-92 academic year, this committee was guided in its deliberations by a comprehensive Factbook about International Programs at the University of Pennsylvania. Excerpts from the Factbook addressing "Area Studies at the University of Pennsylvania" and "International Programs of the University's Twelve Schools" were reprinted in the March 24, 1992, edition of Almanac.

The following summary is intended to further inform and engage the University community with respect to Penn's international dimensions. Drawing upon the Factbook and several other sources, the overview presented here provides a current accounting of the University's international activities in the following key areas: the international presence on the Penn campus; academic programs; special campus resources; University- wide linkages; study abroad programs; and additional pursuits of the twelve schools. Comments and reactions regarding the University's international activities are solicited and should be addressed to my office in 102 College Hall/6303.

-- Michael Aiken, Provost

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January 12, 1993
Volume 39 Number 17

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