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Volume 63 (2016-2017 Academic Year)
September 27, 2016 Stigma of Record Stays with Individual, Regardless of Crime Type, Conviction
Minorities, Women Less Likely to Receive Life-Saving Stroke Treatment
Teens Less Likely to Choose Sugary Beverages with Health Warning Labels
Reformed ‘Mean Girls’ Can Help Their Classmates
Volume 62 (2015-2016 Academic Year)
April 26, 2016 Penn Study: In-Car Breathalyzers for DUI Offenders Curb Drunk-Driving Deaths by 15%
Penn English Professor Studies Sexuality by Looking at Renaissance Love Lyrics
Tapping into Twitter to Help Recruit Cancer Patients into #ClinicalTrials
March 15, 2016 Penn Nursing Study: Is There a Digital Hood? Disadvantaged Youth Can’t Get Away from Negative Interactions, Whether on the Street or Online
Penn Study: Machine Learning at Arraignments Can Cut Repeat Domestic Violence
Penn Engineers Use Network Science to Predict How Ligaments Fail
February 02, 2016 Penn, Notre Dame Researchers Mapping Genetic History of the Caribbean
Penn Nursing Research Highlighted in Major Study on Human Breast Milk
Penn IUR White Paper: Tracking and Explaining Neighborhood Socio-Economic Change in U.S. Metropolitan Areas between 1990 and 2010
October 13, 2015 Twitter Behavior Can Predict Users’ Income Level, New Penn Research Shows
Penn Dental Medicine Study Produces Low-cost, Shelf-stable Drug in Lettuce
September 29, 2015 Penn/Baylor Med Study Describes Underlying Cause of Diabetes in Dogs 
Penn Nursing Study May Lead to More Effective Treatment of Chemotherapy Side Effects
Which PSAs Make Parents More Likely to Cut Kids’ Soda Intake?
Simplified Recycling of Rare-earth Magnets
Effects of Incarceration Spill Over into Health Care System, Penn Study Finds
Penn Scientists Identify Key Genetic Factor That Keeps Moles From Turning Into Melanoma
September 8, 2015 University Research & Development Affects Spatial Development of Neighborhoods
Chronic Insomnia Sufferers May Find Relief with Half of Standard Sleeping Pill Dosing Regimen
Processing Arrested Juveniles as Adults Has Small Effect on Criminal Recidivism
Volume 61 (2014-2015 Academic Year)
March 24, 2015 A Simple Intervention Can Make Your Brain More Receptive to Health Advice
Tongue Fat and Size May Predict Sleep Apnea 
Penn Astronomers’ Hunt for Dark Energy
February 24, 2015

Biomarkers of Sleep Debt Found in Humans and Rats
Haters Spend More Time… Hating?
Abuses Suffered Abroad by Nepal’s Migrant Workers
Launch of PTSD Toolkit
Brain Activity after Smokers Quit Predicts Relapsing
Fear of Crime Related to Prime-Time Television Violence

January 13, 2015 Untangling the Biological Effects of Blue Light
Homelessness Is Declining in the United States
Summer Jobs Decrease Youth Violence and Crime
October 14, 2014 Americans Know Surprisingly Little About Their Government 
Medicaid and Uninsured Patients Obtain New Patient Appointments Easier at Federally Qualified Health Centers 
Better Nursing Resources for Critically Ill Babies Could Improve Health of 7 out of 10 Black Preemies 
Wearable Sensors to Detect Firearm Use
September 23, 2014 MOOCs Not a Threat to Traditional Business Schools
Demographics Drive Fitness Partner Decisions Online 
Low Lead Levels Increase Child Emotional and Behavior Problems 
Drinking Alcohol, Even Light-to-Moderate Amounts, Provides No Heart Health Benefit 
Volume 60 (2013-2014 Academic Year)
May 13, 2014 BMI: Direct Cause of Type 2 Diabetes & High Blood Pressure
Psychological Factors Turn Young Adults Away From HIV Intervention Counseling
Ability To Digest Milk and Development of Pastoralism
How Social Ties Influence Awards Given
March 18, 2014 Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Beneficial in Treating Adolescent Girls with PTSD
Large-Scale HIV Intervention Project in South Africa
Risk Factors Affecting Some Students Impact Outcomes for Al
February 11, 2014

Hot Flashes Can Continue Ten Years after Menopause
Bed Bug Hotspots in Philadelphia and Seasonal Trends
Liquid Crystal ‘Flowers’ That Can Be Used as Lenses

December 17, 2013 Study Shows Few MOOCs Students Follow Through
Surviving Survival
Identification of Molecule Critical to Healing Wound
November 12, 2013

Reproductive Issues Are Key in Predicting Religiosity
Nursing Intervention Helps Mentally Ill With HIV
Do Cosmetic Procedures Help Patients Feel Better?

October 15, 2013 Parents’ TV Viewing Habits Influence Kids’ Screen Time
New Method for Harvesting Energy from Light
Major Cities, Often the Safest Places in the US
Volume 59 (2012-2013 Academic Year)
March 26, 2013 Fels Institute of Government Offers Solutions for Economic Development; Nanoparticles Engineered to Shuttle Cancer Drug Past Immune System; Reprogramming Cells to Fight Diabetes; Penn Vet Team Uncovers a Pathway That Stimulates Bone Growth; Psych Professor Puts New Wrinkle in Marshmallow Test; Two-pronged Immune Cell Approach Could Lead to a Universal Shot Against the Flu; Tweaking Gene Expression to Repair Lungs
January 22, 2013 Hiring Extra Temporary Travel Nurses May Save Lives; Mountains Are Only Minor Contributors to Sediment Erosion and Climate Regulation; Black and Hispanic Patients Less Likely to Complete Substance Abuse Treatment; Homelessness and Academic Achievement
November 6, 2012

Building Road Maps to Close the Achievement Gap; Biomarkers in Blood May Detect Alzheimer's Disease; You Have to Eat Except When You're Not Hungry; Present Verb Tense Can Positively Affect Substance Abuse

September 18, 2012 Intentionally Unvaccinated Students Put Others at Risk | Researchers Call for Obesity Prevention Efforts to Focus on Community-Wide Systems that Influence Early Life | Penn Researchers Make First All-optical Nanowire Switch
Volume 58 (2011-2012 Academic Year)
May 8, 2012 Identifying a Gene Responsible for Male Infertility and a Respiratory Disorder | Mothers of Kids with Autism Earn Significantly Less | Food Stamps and Famers' Markets
March 27, 2012 Mayo Clinic, Penn and Partners to Explore New Ways to Predict and Control Seizures| $3.5 Million to Study New Approaches to Prevent the Effects of Stress in Military Personnel | Discovering and Characterizing a 300-Million-Year-Old Peat-forming Forest at a Site Near Wuda, China | Decreasing the Risk of Failure to Thrive with New Feeding Device | Mentoring Provides Health Benefits for African-American Veterans with Diabetes | Policy and Leadership Vacuum Undermines Higher Education in Washington State | Sleepless in the South: State and Regional Prevalence of Sleep Disturbance
February 21, 2012 Affects of "Shadow Education" on Academic Success of East Asian America | Why Do Some Young People Choose to Get Tested for STDs and Others Don't? | Sleep Problems Increase Risk for Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and Obesity | Following Traumatic Event, Early Intervention Reduces Odds of PTSD in Children
December 20, 2011 Antibiotics for Acne Linked to Sore Throat | Asking for Help in Elementary School: Middle-Class vs. Working-Class Students | Penn Nursing's Autism Research Tops in TIME | Shopper's Channel Usage
November 1, 2011 Minority Teacher Recruitment: Fact or Fiction? | Heavy Media Use: Poorer Mental Health in Young People | “Rule of Rescue” Often Prevails in Critical Care Units | Barriers To Emergency Dental Care Based On Insurance
July 12, 2011 Short-Nosed Dogs Can Breathe Easier During Critical Care | A War Inside: Saving Veterans from Suicide | ADHD Drug Helps Menopausal Women with Memory | Facebook Users More Trusting & More Politically Engaged
Volume 57 (2010-2011 Academic Year)
May 10, 2011 Mobile Polling Breaks Voting Barriers for Seniors in Long Term Care Facilities| University-supported Housing Outperforms Philadelphia Housing | Preventing Chronic Diseases in People Living with HIV/AIDS | Cardiovascular Patients’ Perspectives On Guilt as a Motivational Tool | Male High School Athletes: Higher Risk of Gambling
April 19, 2011 Impact of Graphic Tobacco Warning Labels | Positive Effect of Philly Neighborhood Reinvestment | Influencing Children’s Taste: Characters on Packaging | The Protective Power of Culture
March 15, 2011 Antidepressant Use: Reducing Hot Flashes | Sideline Test: Detecting Athletes’ Concussions in Minutes | Math Research: Plenty of Time for Evolution |School-Based Program: Reducing Sexual Behaviors in South African Teens | Effective Blood Test for Ectopic Pregnancy
February 1, 2011 Youth Victims of Cyberbullying at Increased Risk of Suicide | New Gene for Heart Failure in Caucasians | Weightlifting Slashes Lymphedema Risk After Breast Cancer Treatment | Influence of Non-Catholics on the Changes Brought by Vatican II
December 14, 2010 Penn IUR Report on Vacant Land Management | Hospital CPR Quality is Worse at Night | Violence in Inner City Neighborhoods: Trouble with Asthma | Desktop Medicine: Transforming the Practice of Medicine
October 12, 2010 Exploring African-American Family Foundations and Philanthropic-Giving Strategies | Anticancer Activity in Additives of Ancient Alcoholic Drinks | How Old Is Too Old for Colic Surgery? | Catastrophic Flooding May Be More Predictable After Penn Researchers Build a Mini River Delta | A Rapid Blood Test to Quickly Rule Out Appendicitis? | Nanotechnologists Collaborate to Form Near-Frictionless Diamond Material
Volume 56 (2009-2010 Academic Year)
April 27, 2010

A Brain-Recording Device that Melts into Place | Gene Therapy Cures Canines of Inherited Form of Day Blindness | Low-Fat Diets Outlast Low-Carb Diets | Increasingly Violent Content Assigned to PG-13 Movies

March 2, 2010

Sexual Activity in Tweens Delayed By Abstinence-only Program | Examining the Protective Effects of Mindfulness Training | Team-based Approach Improves ICU Outcomes | Longer Use of Nicotine Patch Improves Abstinence from Smoking

February 2, 2010 Trauma Patients Safe from Mortality Risks Despite “Weekend Effect” | Language Structure is Partly Determined by Social Structure | Important Information Omitted in News Coverage of HPV, Cervical Cancer
January 19, 2010 Cooperation Is Key to Reducing Greenhouse Gases | Technology Not as Isolating | Hospital Checklists Need Improvement | Weight Loss Partners Help African-Americans Lose More | Antidepressants Work Best for Severe Depression
October 20, 2009 Gun Possession of Questionable Value in an Assault | Miscalculations of Weight and Caloric Intake | Americans Reject Tailored Advertising | Visual Learners Convert Words to Pictures and Vice Versa
September 22, 2009 Nurse Satisfaction Increases Patient Satisfaction | Foreclosures Causing Health Problems | Advances in Development Reverse Fertility Declines | Clues of Aging Glass
Volume 55 (2008-2009 Academic Year)
March 31, 2009 Designing A Robotic Beachcomber | Stressed Parents More Likely to Abuse Children | Health Insurance: An Investment to Cover Young Adults | For Psychiatric Services, Wait for the Beep
February 24, 2009

Surviving Cardiac Arrest Depends On Where Treated | Serious Spread of the Vine by Ancient Wine Makers | Consensus Building Influenced By Network Structure | Brain Structure Assists in Immune Response

January 27, 2009 Undiagnosed Psoriasis Cases Put Lives at Risk | Internet Gambling Stays Low Among Youth | Requirement to Forgo Cancer Treatment Causes Racial Disparities in Hospice Use | Breast Cancer Survivors Call for More “Survivorship Care” from Primary Care Providers
November 18, 2008 Skin Color Affects Detection of Rape Injuries | Doctor-Patient Communication Key to Drug Adherence | Stem Cells that Could Regenerate Injured Liver Tissue | $1 Billion Wasted? Fault With Anti-Drug Campaign
October 21, 2008 Optimism Experts Handicap the Presidential Election | MsFLASH: NIH Initiative Treatments for Menopause| Tests for Blocking Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease | Esophageal Cancer Tumor Suppressor
September 30, 2008 Is the US Ready for a Woman President? | Philanthropists Share Charitable-Giving Approaches | Tolerance of Mental Illness the Same as 10 Years Ago | Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease Earlier
Volume 54 (2007-2008 Academic Year)
February 26, 2008 Increased Health Risks Among Women When Weighed in Public | African Americans Less Likely to Choose Epidurals | Identifying Smokers for Relapse in Smoking Cessation Treatment | Differences in English- & Spanish-speakers’ Use of Oncology Websites
January 22, 2008 “In Your Face” Television Debates’ Effect on Audiences | Increased Disability Among Older, Obese Adults | Nurses Want to Leave Hospitals Due to “Moral Distress” | Carbon Nanopipettes Able to Measure Electric Current
December 11, 2007 Annenberg’s i-neighbors Brings Community Closer | Earliest Chocolate Drink was Alcoholic Beverage
November 13, 2007 Unanticipated Consequences of Health Care IT | Pinpointing Brain Waves that Distinguish Memories | Effect of Medical Residency on Patient Mortality | Older African American Men with HIV Shun Condoms
October 16, 2007

Where Should I Have My Outpatient Surgery? | Increase in Type 1 Diabetes Among Black Children | Proposed Reforms to Fix Voting Problems Reported in ’04, ’06 National Elections | Little Support for Mandatory HPV Vaccinations | Computer Memory Designed for Faster Retrieval in Nanoscale Form

Volume 53 (2006-2007 Academic Year)
September 19, 2006 Back to School: Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome | Lack of Sleep Impairs Commercial Drivers Performance | More Dinosaurs to be Discovered | Socioeconomic Factors Are Determinants of Sunburn | Fossils Depict Aquatic Origins for Near-Modern Birds
November 7, 2006 Advanced Training Through Simulations for Med Students | Black Youth and Depression | More Diverse Dinosaurs to be Discovered | Baby Talk is More Sophisticated Than Thought | Decreased Brain Activity When Speaking in Tongues
December 19, 2006 How Segregated Communities Shape Racial Attitudes | How HPV is Presented Affects Use | Older Men Treated for Early Prostate Cancer Live Longer | Progress Against Overlooked Lung Disease in Women | JitterBugs Could Turn Your Keyboard Against You
February 6, 2007 Penn E-lert Improvements Increase Efficiency | Equity for Black College Students in the South? | Thought-Controlled Artificial Limbs | Ineffectiveness of Laser Treatment in Macular Degeneration | New Therapy to Treat Severe Cholesterol Levels
April 3, 2007

Increasing Fertility in Women with PCOS | Veterans Highly Tolerant of Detainee Abuse | Illnesses May Cause Chronic Subjective Dizziness | Effects of Meditation on Early Cognitive Impairment

May 1, 2007

Gene-Environment Interactions in Lung Cancer | Link Between Autism and Abnormal Blood-Vessel Function and Oxidative Stress | Meditation Helps Congestive Heart Failure

Volume 52 (2005-2006 Academic Year)
July 12, 2005 Clutch Hitters and Choke Hitters: Myth or Reality? | Methods of Advocating Breastfeeding | Primary Graft Dysfunction & Lung Transplant Deaths | Solving Why Things Melt with Extra-large “Atoms”
October 4, 2005 How Do Otters Remain Sleek and Warm? | Impact of Bupropion in Smoking Cessation Treatment | Implantable Pump Device to Treat Heart Disease | DNA-Based Sensors for Nano-Tongues and Nano-Noses
November 15, 2005 Electronics Using Light Instead of Electricity | Using MRI for Early Diagnosis of Schizophrenia | Physically Abused Boys Become Abusers as Adults
January 10, 2006 “Unit Bias” Determines the Acceptable Amount to Eat | One-of-a-Kind Research Tool Focuses on KIDS | New Technique for Better Diagnosis & Treatment of Stress | Voter Questions Not Answered By Local Election Boards
February 14, 2006 Preference for Beauty Might Be Hard-wired | Baboons in Mourning Seek Comfort Among Friends | Night Eating Syndrome & Psychiatric Outpatients | fMRI Used to Detect Memory Storage and Retrieval
March 28, 2006 Dog Owners Hide Truth from Shelters | Thermal Energy to Reduce Asthmatic Symptoms | Hospitalization or Death of Elderly Spouse Substantially Affects Husband or Wife’s Mortality | Most At-Risk Patients for Secondary Strokes
May 9, 2006 African-Americans More Likely to Report Low Trust in Health Care Providers | Prevent or Delay “Middle-aged Spread” by Lifting Weights | Most Effective Treatments for Alcohol Dependence | Research Findings On Radiation-Induced Cancer
Volume 51 (2004-2005 Academic Year)
July 13, 2004 Star Making Peaked Five Billion Years Ago; Expect Darkness | New Therapeutic Approach for Sickle Cell Disease | Newly Found Dinosaur of the Montana Coastline | Failure of DNA Repair Precedes Final Stage of Leukemia | Aklylating DNA Damage Stimulates Necrotic Cell Death | Protein Difference Between Humans and Primates | Bacterial Protein Recycling Factor Possible Key to New Class of Antibiotics
September 21, 2004 Law Students Draft a Criminal Code for Maldives | Artificial Pores May Lead to a Future Full of Holes | Decoupling the Control of Brain Cancer Cells | 9/11 Search-and-Rescue Dogs Exhibit Few Effects
October 12, 2004 Big Cities and Small Towns: Similar Risks of Gun Death | T Cell's Memory: Immunity to Leishmaniasis | Common Butterfly: Actually 10 Different Species | Artistic Expression: Need Not End After Brain Damage
November 9, 2004 Influencing Metabolism with Molecular Clock Genes | Identifying Initial Sensor for p53 Tumor-Suppressing Pathway | Treating Adolescent Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder | Participating in National Alzheimer's Disease Research
January 18, 2005 U.S. Falls to 27th in World Social Progress | Nature and Prevalence of Errors in Patient Care | Resistin Integral Part of the Inflammatory Response | Heritability of Non-Genomic Information | Ethical Challenges Ahead for Neuroscience and Society | Major Commercial Weight Loss Programs Evaluated | Effects Between Vioxx and Celebrex Studied | Tiwanaku Project to Collect Detailed Subsurface Data
March 15, 2005 Miniaturized Lab Permits Saliva Screening on the Go | Nano-Sized Probes Allow Researchers to See Tumors | Defining Who We Are When We Work Together | Enzyme Shown to Help Protect Genomic Stability
April 19, 2005 Tail of the Gene Tells the Tale of Machado-Joseph Disease | Cognitive Therapy Works As Well As Antidepressants | Mouse Model for MSA Points to Treatment for Brain Diseases | Unchecked DNA Replication Drives Steps Toward Cancer
Volume 50 (2003-2004 Academic Year)
September 16, 2003 Discovery of Solar System 'Fossils' | Unemployment, Rents Push Families to Homelessness | Sleep Deprivation Impairs Memory Consolidation | Deadly 'Drug Corner' Moves to Your Computer
October 7, 2003 "Smart Payment Card" | Refusing Medications Based on Quality of Life | African-American Males and Prostate Cancer | More Patients Die After Common Surgeries
November 25, 2003 Molecule that Makes Life Possible | Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes and DNA Repair | Sirtuins in Metabolism, Aging, Gene Expression | Vaccines to Protect Newborns in Developing World
January 20, 2004 Baboons May Have Influenced Human Evolution | Strength and Conductivity of Nanotube-Laced Materials | Transition to Adulthood Delayed | Electronic Scale Lowers Mortality Rates
March 2, 2004 Mastectomies Significantly Lower Risk of Breast Cancer | The Body's 911 Call: Why Blood Flow Stops Short | Cache of Seal Impressions Discovered in Western India | Generation Gap Explains Decline in Feminist Ranks
Volume 49 (2002-2003 Academic Year)
July 16, 2002 $302,000 Award for Sumerian Dictionary Project | Studying Smallpox Without Smallpox| Urine Test Predicts Alzheimer’s Disease | Implant May Stabilize Schizophrenia Patients’ Treatment for a Full Year
October 29, 2002 Neural Stem Cells Improve Motor Function in Brain Injuries | More Patients Die in Hospitals with Lower Nurse Staffing | Gene that Regulates Development of Heart Cells Identified | Foxd3 Gene Allows Stem Cells to Remain Stem Cells
January 14, 2003 Impacting Smoking Cessation | Averting Parkinson's Disease in Fruit Flies | Challenging the Way Race is Used in Research | Beating Pneumonia by a Nose | Fighting the West Nile Virus
February 11, 2003 Summer Research Support for Junior Faculty | New Investigator Awards | Alavi-Dabiri Postdoctoral Fellowship Award | Molecular Studies in Digestive and Liver Disease
March 18, 2003 Designing Accessible Passenger Trains | Giant Self-assembled Liquid Crystal Lattice | Insect Antibiotics: A Model for Therapeutic Agents | Women in Region: Facing Significant Inequality
May 27, 2003 Transplant Cardiologists on Controlling Hypertension | Immersive Experience Without 3-D Goggles | Producing Mouse Eggs from Embryonic Stem Cells | Accruing 'Sleep Debts' With Inadequate Nightly Sleep
Volume 48 (2001-2002 Academic Year)
December 11, 2001 $1.26 Million to Study Microfluidic Systems | $2.84 Million to Improve Reliability of Computers | National Technology Lab for Adult Education | "Fuzzy" Molecules Assemble into Distinct Lattices | Mild Head Injury Increases Brain's Vulnerability
February 5, 2002 Throne of King Midas | $40 M. Kidney Disease Study | Head Injury & Alzheimers | CD4 T Cells | Volunteers: Depressive Disorder Study
April 9, 2002 $10 M. NIH Funds | Cure: Atrial Fibrillation | Inequality Disease Treatment | 9/11 Rescue Dog Study | Experiment in Sentencing
May 28, 2002 Detecting pain in infants and children | understanding a matriarchy | treating severe depression | preparing troops to train with simulated situations.
Volume 47 (2000-2001 Academic Year)
May 29, 2001 Stretching Neurons Induces Growth | Detecting Proteins with IDAT | Ancient Frog Named for Professor | Progenitor Cells' Protective Effect | Plant Genes: Less Pesticides
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