ALMANAC BETWEEN ISSUES: Crime Report Summer 2001

 The University of Pennsylvania Police Department
Community Crime Report

This summary is prepared by the Division of Public Safety and includes all criminal incidents reported and made known to the University Police Department between the dates of July 9, 2001 and July 15, 2001. The University Police actively patrol from Market Street to Baltimore Avenue and from the Schuylkill River to 43rd street in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police. In this effort to provide you with a thorough and accurate report on Public Safety concerns, we hope that your increased awareness will lessen the opportunity for crime. For any concerns or suggestions regarding this report, please call the Division of Public Safety at (215) 898-4482.

7/9/2001 6:08:00 PM Theft 3600 Hamilton Walk Bike taken
7/9/2001 9:45:00 PM Theft 39th/Chestnut Pocketbook taken from chair while dining
7/9/2001 10:06 PM Theft 3910 Irving Property taken from room
7/9/2001 11:47 PM Theft 3600 Chestnut Property taken from room
7/10/2001 8:38:00 AM Theft 399 S. 34th St Currency and sunglasses taken from auto
7/10/2001 12:02:00 PM Burglary 235 S. 39th St Various CDs taken from home
7/10/2001 4:14:00 PM Theft 3914 Locust Walk Bike taken from rack
7/10/2001 4:31:00 PM Vandalism 4001 Walnut St Unknown person broke window
7/11/2001 6:22:00 PM Trespass 3401 Civic Center Blvd Unauthorized person in hospital/arrest
7/12/2001 5:32:00 PM Dis. Conduct 3600 blk Walnut Female disorderly/refused to cease/arrest
7/12/2001 6:37:00 PM Trespass 4032 Walnut St Unauthorized person in area/arrest
7/13/2001 10:13:00 AM Vandalism 4019 Locust Rug in vestibule damaged by unknown
7/13/2001 12:54:00 PM Retail Theft 3610 Sansom St Computer software taken without payment
7/13/2001 6:08:00 PM Fraud 4050 Chestnut St Unauthorized use of checks
7/14/2001 1:38:00 PM Retail Theft 3601 Walnut St Merchandise taken without payment/arrest
7/14/2001 3:31:00 PM Theft 3400 Spruce St Bike taken from rack
7/14/2001 4:56:00 PM Theft 220 S. 36th St Wallet and contents taken
7/14/2001 5:00:00 PM Theft 220 S. 32nd St Wallet taken while playing ball
7/14/2001 7:53:00 PM Retail Theft 3744 Spruce St Merchandise taken without payment

18th District Crimes Against Persons

5 incidents and 2 arrests were reported between July 9, 2001 and July 15, 2001 by the 18th District covering the Schuylkill River to 49th Street and Market St. to Woodland Avenue.

7/9/2001 10:14:00 PM 301 52nd St Aggravated Assault
7/11/2001 10:08:00 PM 4818 Pachall Robbery
7/13/2001 1:38 AM 4619 Chester Robbery/Arrest
7/14/2001 11:45:00 PM 4230 Locust Robbery/Arrest
7/15/2001 7:45 PM 913 49th St Robbery

Posted 7/19/01