Update: Palestra Shooting
Sunday afternoon's shooting incident outside the Palestra, that killed one and wounded three, "stemmed from previous armed clashes between rival groups of young men, including serveral recent shootings in South Philadelphia," the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on March 3. It added that the man killed, Anthony Davis, 22, had been a suspect in one of the earlier shootings and that two of the wounded, Jeffery Noble, 19, and Latisha Feribee, 20 were friends of Mr. Davis.
The third person wounded, John La Bombard, is a Penn student who was struck by a stray bullet while working on an environmental design project in the Blauhaus building near the corner of 33rd and Walnut Streets. The bullet pierced his thigh but did not strike bone; he was released from the hospital on March 2, and he is expected to make a full recovery soon.
"We are still gathering the facts on this incident," said Penn President Judith Rodin, "but, based on its extreme seriousness, we will take a very hard look at whether or not to host these or similar games in the future." (Posted 3/4/98)

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