Transit Strike Contingency Plans

A strike against SEPTA's Philadelphia transit division has been averted with negotiations scheduled to continue. Such a strike may pose transportation problems for many faculty, staff and students of the University. To assure full continuation of University operations and services, we recommend that each department provide bulletin board space or other suitable means for facilitating car pools. All individuals are urged to make transportation plans in advance of the strike emergency.

Administrators are encouraged to be as flexible as possible in adjusting hours for staff personnel to meet the needs of individuals and the operating requirements of their departments. If possible, arrival and departure times should be at other than commuter peak load periods. Where they can, individuals are encouraged to walk to work or take alternate rail transportation rather than drive to campus. All individuals who commute are advised to allow sufficient time for the delays they are likely to encounter.

University business will continue as usual. Except for individuals taking bona fide sick or paid time off, absence from work will be charged as lost time. Administrators are, however, encouraged to use discretion in making reasonable allowances for lateness attributable to transportation conditions. Any questions concerning the time off guidelines may be directed to the Division of Human Resources, Department of Staff and Labor Relations at (215) 898-6093.

Please refer to the information prepared by the University Department of Transportation and Parking related to special parking and campus bus service plans for use during the SEPTA strike.

Additional information may be obtained by calling the Department of Transportation and Parking at (215) 898-8667, by consulting a pre-recorded message at (215) 898-6358, or by visiting the web,

    -- Leroy D. Nunery, Vice President for Business Services
    -- John J. Heuer, Vice President for Human Resources

Guest Passes

Additionally, the Department of Transportation is offering "Temporary Guest" passes for the staff of affiliated institutions and organizations that provide direct services to the University. These may be obtained at the Department of Transportation & Parking, 447A 3401 Walnut St. A valid ID or note from the employer is required in order to receive this complimentary pass.

Rideshare Program

In response to the possible SEPTA strike, the University is providing a Rideshare service to assist individuals who might need a ride or are able to provide a ride if there should be a strike. Instructions for accessing the Rideshare listings have been posted on the Department of Transportation's Homepage Please forward this information to co-workers who might be able to benefit from this service.

The Rideshare voice mailbox was developed to provide a means of communication between Penn employees who need, and those who can provide, a ride during the SEPTA strike.

The mailboxes have been set up on two different telephone numbers: Offer a RIDE-- (215) 573-4525; Need a RIDE-- (215) 573-4445.

Offer A Ride: Individuals who are willing to provide a ride, simply leave a message stating their name, campus telephone number and their home zip code.

If someone living in your area needs a ride, they will call you.

Need A Ride: Individuals who need a ride, will be able to listen to a list of announcements. These announcements will be the names, campus phone numbers and zip codes of people living in your area offering rides to the University. You should call them directly to make travel arrangements.

Penn Plans for SEPTA Strike


Suggested locations for all day parking include:
31st & Chestnut (sw corner)
34th & Chestnut (nw corner)
38th & Walnut (ne corner)
Palestra Lot #5
Sheraton Hotel at 36th & Chestnut

Bus Service

Penn and Drexel shuttle buses will operate between the center of campus (Gates Pavilion, HUP -- opposite Houston Hall), and 30th Street Station, 16th and Locust Streets (Lindenwold Terminal) and the 69th Street Terminal (Mercy WEllness Center). These shuttle services are free and available to all faculty, staff and students of both institutions with a valid ID card. A pre-recorded message on (215) 898-6358 and the Penn Transit Home Page, will identify any changes to the following schedules.

NOTE: Due to abnormal traffic conditions that are usually prevalent during SEPTA strikes, the following time schedules should be used as guidelines only.

The plaza in front of the Gates Pavilion (HUP), opposite Houston Hall will serve as the OUTBOUND Terminal for all University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University buses. (Outbound buses will also pickup at 33rd & Chestnut Streets.) Outbound Drexel buses will pickup on the north side of Spruce Street in front of Houston Hall. Outbound Penn buses will pickup on the south side of Spruce Street opposite Houston Hall.


    "P" indicates University of Pennsylvania vehicles.

    "D" indicates Drexel University vehicles.


Street Station

(Market Street, West of 30th Street)

(This shuttle will operate in the absence of LUCY only)

 Inbound  Outbound
 7:00 am P  4:30 pm P
 7:30 am P  5:00 pm P
 8:00 am P  5:30 pm P
 8:30 am P  6:00 pm P
 9:00 am P
 9:30 am P
 16th and Locust Streets (Southeast Corner) 7:00 am D  4:15 pm P
7:30 am P  4:45 pm P
8:00 am D&P  5:15 pm D&P
8:30 am P  5:45 pm P
 9:00 am D  6:00 pm D
9:30 am P  9:45 pm D
 69th Street Terminal  (Picks up passengers along Chestnut Street at 63rd, 60th, 57th, 52nd, 46th and 39th Streets if space is available) 7:00 am D
 7:30 am P  4:15 pm P
 8:00 am D  5:15 pm D&P
 8:30 am P  6:15 pm P
 9:00 am D  9:45 pm P
 9:30 am P

UPHS Special Shuttles

The Medical Center will offer alternative transportation services, in the event of a strike. There will be four special shuttle routes: on Baltimore Avenue, Lancaster Avenue, Spruce Street (returning on Chestnut Street), and Woodland Avenue. You must show a HUP, Presby, Penn or ARAMARK ID card to ride these shuttles.

The stops on each route are:

Baltimore Avenue
61st, 56th, 52nd, 46th, and 42nd streets.
Lancaster Avenue
63rd, 60th, 56th, 52nd, 46th, and 42nd streets.
Spruce Street-Chestnut Street
63rd, 60th, 56th, 52nd, 46th, and 42nd streets
(heading east on Chestnut and west on Spruce)
Woodland Avenue
63rd Street and Lindbergh Boulevard, and 63rd,
60th, 56th, 52nd, 46th, and 41st streets, on Woodland.


These shuttles will operate from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., 2:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Weekend service will not be offered.

All special shuttles will stop in front of Penn Tower on 33rd Street and in the Myrin Circle in front of the Wright-Saunders Building at Presby. The shuttles will be marked with a "UPHS Shuttle" sight, which will also indicate the route. For shuttle information and updates, call voice mail (215) 349-5353.

Updated 3/16/01