ALMANAC BETWEEN ISSUES: Crime Report Spring 2000

 The University of Pennsylvania Police Department
Community Crime Report

This summary is prepared by the Division of Public Safety and includes all criminal incidents reported and made known to the University Police Department between the dates of February 28, 2000 and March 5, 2000. The University Police actively patrol from Market Street to Baltimore Avenue and from the Schuylkill River to 43rd street in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police. In this effort to provide you with a thorough and accurate report on Public Safety concerns, we hope that your increased awareness will lessen the opportunity for crime. For any concerns or suggestions regarding this report, please call the Division of Public Safety at (215) 898-4482.

Date Time Offense Location Details
2/28/2000 12:26 PM Theft 3680 Walnut St. Deposit envelope taken from office
2/28/2000 12:05 PM Harassment 220 S. 40th Unwanted calls received
2/28/2000 2:59 PM Theft 3620 Locust Walk Cell phone taken
2/28/2000 8:57 PM Burglary 3940 Spruce St. Unknown male leaving residence with property
2/28/2000 11:16 PM Theft 119 S. 39th St. Property taken without authorization/Arrest
2/29/2000 12:03 AM Warrant 3744 Spruce Male wanted on warrant/Arrest
2/29/2000 3:18 PM Theft 3451 Walnut St. Welding cable taken from auto
2/29/2000 7:29 PM Warrant 200 blk. S 33rd Male attempting to sell tickets/Arrest
2/29/2000 8:30 PM Retail Theft 3601 Walnut St. Cordless phone taken/Arrest
2/29/2000 9:31 PM Theft 220 S. 32nd St. Cell phone taken
3/1/2000 4:55 PM Theft 3909 Spruce St. Bike taken from rack
3/2/2000 10:03 AM Theft 3610 Hamilton Walk Tools taken from unsecured area
3/2/2000 11:51 AM Theft 4215 Pine St. Concrete plant pot taken
3/2/2000 5:27 PM Harassment 3901 Locust Walk Unwanted calls received
3/3/2000 8:26 AM Theft 3451 Walnut St. Wallet taken from desk drawer
3/3/2000 9:16 AM Theft 421 Curie Blvd Briefcase and checkbook taken
3/3/2000 10:42 AM Theft 3900 Spruce St. Wallet taken
3/3/2000 3:48 PM Theft 3800 Locust Walk Bike taken from rack
3/3/2000 7:59 PM Disorderly Conduct Unit blk. 38th St. Aggressive panhandler arrested
3/3/2000 9:14 PM Theft 255 S. 36th Bike taken from rack
3/4/2000 1:56 AM Vandalism 3809 Locust Walk Rock thrown through front window
3/4/2000 2:13 AM Underage Drinking 3809 Locust Walk Male cited for underage drinking
3/4/2000 1:49 PM Retail Theft 3601 Walnut St. Property taken without payment/Arrest
3/4/2000 11:58 PM DUI 43rd/Locust Driver cited for intoxication
3/5/2000 1:06 AM Criminal Mischief 4000 blk. Spruce Male observed smashing window to auto/Arrest
3/5/2000 4:45 PM Theft Gimble Gym Wallet and coat taken
3/5/2000 10:43 PM Theft 3300 blk. Walnut CD player taken from auto

18th District Crimes Against Persons

The 18th District Crimes (covering the Schuylkill River to 49th Street and Market St. to Woodland Avenue) between February 28, 2000 and March 5, 2000 have not yet been reported to Almanac for publication.

*Please watch this space for updates*

Posted 3/10/00