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August 25, 2006

National Campus Safety Awareness Month

A kick off of National Campus Safety Awareness Month, designated in September to heighten students' awareness of the campus dangers they may face and to encourage colleges to do more safety programming. This declaration was set forth in a U.S. Senate resolution on Sept. 15, 2005, in response to on-going efforts by Security On Campus, Inc., a national organization that has led a two-decade campaign to make colleges and universities safer.

During the event, Security On Campus co-founder Connie Clery, whose daughter Jeanne died in 1986 from a brutal attack in her own dorm room at Lehigh University, will speak about the challenges all college students face, including acquaintance rape, binge drinking, residence hall fires and hazing.

President Amy Gutmann and Vice President of Public Safety Maureen Rush will talk about new safety initiatives Penn has under way this fall to educate students about keeping themselves and their possessions safe, at Annenberg Plaza, beginning at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

While the beginning of the academic year offers students exciting educational and social opportunities, Security On Campus data indicates that September is the most dangerous month on college campuses, especially for freshmen.

Security On Campus chose Penn to host this year's kick off because of the major strides the University has undertaken over the past ten years to make its students more secure.




Posted 8/25/06

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