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May 16, 2006

SEC Agenda

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2:30 –5 p.m.

Please Note Location for this Meeting  

University Club at Penn

3611 Walnut St.

2nd Floor Lobby Level

I. Approval of the minutes of April 19, 2006 (1 minute)

II. Chair’s Report (20 minutes)

     A. The University Council Meeting

     B. Unconscious Bias in Hiring

     C. NIH information regarding the success rate of grants submitted 1999-2005

III. Past Chair’s Report (3 minutes)

IV. Discussion and vote of “Just Cause” (30 minutes)

        Dr. Mark Tykocinski, Chair, Senate Committee on Administration (SCOA)

V.  Vote on Proposed Changes to the Senate Rules (5 minutes)

VI. Discussion on progress of the Campus Development Planning Committee (30 minutes)

Michael Harris, Associate Vice President, in the Office of the EVP
and/or Craig Carnaroli, Executive Vice President

VII. Discussion of plans for 2006-07 SEC (15 minutes)

VIII. Special acknowledgement of SEC Members completing service (10 minutes)

Catered Reception following the SEC Meeting  



Posted 5/16/06

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