Almanac Between Issues April 21, 2004


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April 20, 2004

Dr. Dennis Culhane
Chair, Public Safety Advisory Board
Ad Hoc Committee on Racial Profiling
3535 Market Street, Suite 3015
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Dennis:

Thank you for your thorough report on University policies, procedures, and practices concerning racial profiling. I greatly appreciate the immense amount of time and effort you and the members of the ad hoc committee spent working on this important issue.

Racial profiling is a matter of serious concern for our community, the city, and the country. I asked the ad hoc committee to take on this task because I believe that it is critical that we, as a community, continue to address concerns about public safety and race, openly and forthrightly, to ensure that all members of our community feel safe.

As your committee's report reflects, these issues are both sensitive and complex. I appreciate your committee's thoughtful process in reviewing and analyzing the relevant materials. Your careful consideration of policies, procedures, and practices at Penn have provided us with useful recommendations that, I am sure, will help to improve our performance in this area and will result in a stronger and safer Penn community.

Some of the issues you raise, as your report makes clear, can be informed by additional data. These data will help us develop measures to assist us as we continue to address concerns identified in the report. Other issues relate to practices and effective implementation of policies by the Department of Public Safety, which Public Safety will take the lead in addressing. Finally, some of the recommendations concern training for increased awareness by all members of our diverse community. I hope that the Committee on Pluralism will work with us on this issue.

I have spoken with Maureen Rush, Vice President for Public Safety, and she shares my view that the report is both thoughtful and constructive. I have asked her to develop processes to ensure the implementation of the recommendations offered.

I am releasing the report in its entirety to the Penn community. Again, thanks to you and your committee for your service.


Judith Rodin



Posted 4/21/04