Almanac Between Issues December 15, 2004

Crime Awareness: Specific Crime Pattern of Robberies

The Holiday Season is a joyous time of the year but it is also a period when street crime will traditionally rise. Unfortunately this year is not an exception. There has been a spike in street robberies throughout the City of Philadelphia including the University City area.

A pattern of armed and unarmed robberies has developed particularly west of 43rd Street. However a few have occurred in our patrol area, specifically between 40th and 43rd Street which is the western border of our patrol boundary.

The vast majority of these robberies are occurring between the hours of 8pm and 4am and in most instances, the victim was alone. The University of Pennsylvania Police Department has taken several steps to eliminate this pattern. Our efforts include an increase in police patrols and also assigning specially trained officers in felony patrol in this area. This will continue until either the perpetrators are apprehended or the pattern has ceased.

You are urged to be cognizant of your surroundings, walk in pairs and utilize the University’s walking escort services. To request a walking escort which is available 24 hours a day call 898-WALK. It is also suggested to incorporate our police emergency number (215-573-3333) into the speed dialer of your cell phone. Be aware, be safe and Happy Holidays to all.

— Captain Joseph D. Fischer , UPPD


Posted 12/14/04